RE: How to change neteller security question?

Somebody please help me to tell How to change neteller security question which is used in every login in neteller  account. I remember my password but I don’t remember my security question and I want to change it, please let me know how can I change my security question.
I need to change my neteller security questions ardently. Please help me

mahabur Brong Asked on March 24, 2016 in Password Login.
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Hi Mahabur,

I can say from my own experience I know that you can reset your password and security ID after login. But you cannot change your security questions. I will suggest you to contact help line in this issue.

How you will get help from neteller easily?
Pleas follow this steps to get help form neteller easily.
1. Login your account by entering ID and password.
2. Now you will get security questions option.
3. Enter Wrong security questions more than 3 times.
4. Now you account will be blocked But don’t worry. Here you will get to request a call option.
5. Now Enter your phone number and select your language and write “I have lost my security questions” request a call.
6. After doing this works, Now Just wait. you will get a phone call from Neteller within 3-4 Hours.
7. Just receive and tell them to change your security questions. They will change your security questions as you want.

Hope this process will help you to change your Neteller security questions. Because I have change my Neteller security questions several times.
Thanks for your questions.

Silver Answered on August 29, 2016.

Thanks for your answers. I have got details information from your answers.

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on May 12, 2017.
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