RE: Do you have a Christmas Tree?

Do you have a Christmas Tree?

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Not this year. Our new cat is too wild and the tree would become a cat tree and knocked over very quickly. Ornaments? Scoff. Those would last about five minutes.

This year it’s tall candle lanterns (closed off with glass) with pillar candles, some scented like Nordic Spruce, around the living room, as well as LED fairy lights and tea lights in glass jars and mercury glass votive candle holders. There will be garland with berries, pine cones, etc hung high where it can’t be reached, and mini handmade wreaths that go over each of our candle-shaped sconce lights in the living room. When its all lit up at night its angelic and good smelling.

We also have a big mixed evergreen wreath, fresh. All of the dangerous things are kept up high where she can’t jump. It’s actually sort of liberating and will be a lot easier to clean up as we usually have a 7-9′ fresh tree as we live near several tree farms.

Brong Answered on December 18, 2017.
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