RE: How Can I Get Approve With Maxbounty CPA Network?

Hello Friends,
I want to sign up as a publisher with maxbounty cpa network but my problem when filling publisher application form is
1. Describe your past experience in affiliate marketing.
2. How do you currently promote offers?
3. What offer(s) are you looking for?

Please I need someone to help me answer question 1 and 3 and I will be greatful if positive response is given to me.

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3 Answers

Please try to follow this instruction:

1) Be Honest here. If you are complete newbie, explain what you intend to do.

2) Instead of answering how do you promote offers, rather answer the question how do you intend to promote offers, again be honest. ex PPV traffic, facebook, POF, etc..

3) What do you think you will be promoting. Dating Offers, Email Submits, Loan type offers. Again answer what you intend to promote once accepted into network.

– In addition to this. Call your affiliate manager after you submit your application. Introduce yourself, and let them know you are excited to work with them and start promoting some of there offers right away. This will show that you are serious and a go getter. Doing these things will certainly increase your chances of being accepted. Hope this helps!

To Your Success!

Brong Answered on March 7, 2018.
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