RE: How did Hazrat Ibrahim (A) escaped unhurt from the fire?

I want to know about Hazrat Ibrahim (A)

How did Hazrat Ibrahim (A) escaped unhurt from the fire?

mu Brong Asked on November 7, 2017 in Islamic Question & Answer.
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Thanks for your questions.  here I’m trying to give your answers –

At the time, the king of Babel was Narnrud, a very cruel and oppressive king. Father of Hazrat Ibrahim (A), Azar was an idol worshipper. Hazrat Ibrahim (A) tried to convince his father Azar and others that they were wrong in worshipping idols. But they paid no heed to him. They complained to the king about Ibrahim (A). The king and his court decided to burn him alive. Hazrat Ibrahim (A) was not perturbed by this decision as he had infinite faith in Allah.
A large fire was built to burn Ibrahim (A) He was thrown in the fire but as soon as Ibrahim (A) was in, it turned cool as per Allah’s orders. Ibrahim (A) was saved from being burned alive. He was unharmed. Allah saved him. He was protected by Allah. Who can kill when Allah protects?
Allah says:
0 fire! Cool down for Ibrahim. Be Comfortable.

Brong Answered on November 7, 2017.
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