RE: How do I hard reset M-HORSE G6?

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Here I will write 3 methods of Hard Reset M-Horse G6. All these 3 methods will 100% works for your device So Read, Learn and enjoy…

Before going to Hard reset factory settings your Nokia E63, you need to know Nokia Code for proper use your phone and some additional information which you may find below from Frequently ask question FAQ.

Important tips and follow this instructions below:

  1. Charge Your NOKIA E63 Battery Above 80% (Full Remanded by us)
  2. Remove your SD (Memory) card and SIM Card
  3. Third: Backup your Mobile Phone/Cell Phone
  4. You Should know all steps of hard reset of your cell phone’s specific model

Know more details from here.

hard reset M-HORSE G6 step by step instruction.

  1. Turn off your cell phone.
  2. Press and hold Volume Up button + Home button and then press Power.
  3. In Factory reset menu use Volume Down key to select “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” option and press Power to confirm the operation.
  4. Use Volume Down key again to select “Yes delete all user data” press Power to confirm the operation.
  5. After Hard Reset select “reboot system now” option.

Warning: We advised you to keep back up your Nokia E63 phones settings before trying these codes. Save all phone numbers, important message and other information to the sim or memory card etc. Some phones clear the phone memory when it reset. Because hard reset will erase all of your data.


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Brong Answered on August 1, 2018.
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