RE: How often do you go on vacation?

I travel 1 times a year but I wish to travel  more and more but I can’t go for my business.  You?

How often do you go on vacation?

mahabur Brong Asked on June 1, 2016 in Travel.
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I have visited many places but Laos is the one place which I would like to recommend to those people who want to know about Laos’s History and organic farms.

First is in Laos,is the temples in Vientiane, the home of the significant monuments in Laos such as Haw Phra Kaeo and Sisaket, the Wat Si Muang is also valued by Laos Local people groups and Visitors from other countries. Moreover, it is considered as one of the great pillars of the city. On the Contrary to other temples, the temple is available to all individuals without an extra charge. The Wat is precisely situated at the eastern end of Thanon Setthathirath, just before the road connect with Thanon Samsenthai and turns to Thanon Thadeua in the city center.

Second Location for whom who want to explore nature and who want to know about Organic farming ,The Place is The Namkhan Eco Farm in Luang Prabang the one of the best place to visit in Laos.It is situated 5km away from Luang Prabang in Laos. Namkhan’s Welcomes you with its open nature and it is also near to the Nam khan River. It mainly known for the Organic Farms in which you can find the variety of Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs etc. In Namkhan you will find Homely stay with good people around you who can guide you to explore Laos and Namkhan River of course.

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