RE: I want to know details about White Hat Techniques of SEO. Can any one help?

I want to know details about White Hat Techniques of SEO. Can any one help.

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Thanks for your question, Now I want to tell you about White Hat SEO Techniques what I know. Hope you can learn from here.

White hat techniques
are widely acceptable techniques in SEO marketing. There are services offered by search engines that make sure that a website gets indexed by the leading search engines. Google and Yahoo! use web crawlers to look for pages for their search results.

Some search engines, especially Google and Yahoo!, guarantees web crawling for a fee or Cost Per Click account, although, this assures inclusion in the database but not specific ranking within the search results.

Other services of Google include the Google Webmaster Tools, which ensures that all pages are found using an XML sitemap feed.

There are other methods used for SEO such as cross linking. Cross linking increases the links to the main page of the website using its available pages. There is also keyword stuffing, which includes keyword rich text in the webpage matching all search queries. Backlinks from a web directory is also helpful.

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