RE: I want to know opera browser shortcut. Please help.

I want to know opera browser shortcut. Please help.

Graham W. Vance Brong Asked on October 20, 2018 in Computer.
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RE: I want to know opera browser shortcut. Please help.

Thank you very much for your questions. Here I have written all shortcut of opera browser.

Basic shortcuts

Add to bookmarks = Ctrl+D
Add to Speed Dial = Ctrl+B
Back = Ctrl+Left
Alt+Left Print without preview = Ctrl+Shift+P

Clear browsing data = Ctrl+Shift+Del
Close tab = Ctrl+W, Ctrl+F4
Close window = Ctrl+Shift+W, Alt+F4
Cycle forward through tabs = Ctrl+Tab
Cycle backward through tabs = Ctrl+Shift+Tab
Developer tools = Ctrl+Shift+I
Developer Tools Console = Ctrl+Shift+J
Inspect element = Ctrl+Shift+C

Exit = Ctrl+Shift+X
Find in page = Ctrl+F
Find next = Ctrl+G, F3
Find previous = Ctrl+Shift+G,  Shift+F3
Focus address bar = Alt+D, Ctrl+E, Ctrl+L, F8
Focus main menu button = F10
Focus next pane = F6
Focus page = F9
Focus previous pane = Shift+F6
Forward = Shift+Backspace, Ctrl+Right, Alt+Right
Toggle full screen = F11
Extensions = Ctrl+Shift+E

Speed Dial = Alt+Home
New tab = Ctrl+T

New window = Ctrl+N
Open file = Ctrl+O
Open main menu = Alt+F
New private window = Ctrl+Shift+N
Open Settings = Alt+P, Ctrl+F12
Go to parent directory = Ctrl+Backspace
Paste and go = Ctrl+Shift+V
Print = Ctrl+P
Reload = Ctrl+R, F5

Reload without the cache = Shift+F5,  Ctrl+F5
Reopen last closed tab or window = Ctrl+Shift+T
Reset zoom to 100% = Ctrl+0,  Ctrl+Num 0,  Num *
Save page = Ctrl+S

Switch right through tabs = Ctrl+PageDown
Switch left through tabs = Ctrl+PageUp

Select previously active tab = Ctrl+`

Switch to first tab = Ctrl+1
Switch to second tab = Ctrl+2
Switch to third tab = Ctrl+3
Switch to fourth tab = Ctrl+4
Switch to fifth tab = Ctrl+5
Switch to sixth tab = Ctrl+6
Switch to seventh tab = Ctrl+7
Switch to eighth tab = Ctrl+8
Switch to ninth tab = Ctrl+9

Manage bookmarks = Ctrl+Shift+B
Downloads = Ctrl+Shift+7, Ctrl+J
Help = F1
History = Ctrl+H
Show extensions bar = Ctrl+Shift+S
Snapshot = Ctrl+Shift+5
Stop = Esc
Show task manager = Shift+Esc
Open and close search for open tabs = Ctrl+Space
Open and close Instant Search = Alt+Space
Toggle sidebar’s recently used messenger = Ctrl+Shift+M
Tab menu = Ctrl+M
View page source = Ctrl+U
Zoom in = Ctrl+Num Plus, Shift+=, Ctrl+=, Ctrl+Shift+=
Zoom out = Ctrl+Num – , Ctrl+-

If you have any questions, ask me here.
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Brong Answered on October 20, 2018.
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