RE: What is advantage of LED lights?

What is advantage of LED lights?

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The elaboration form of LED is “light-emitting diode” . The  LED is one of today’s most energy-saving and rapidly-developing lighting technologies. Quality LED light bulbs are last longer, are more durable, and offer comparable or better light quality than other types of lighting.

What is advantage of LED lights?
Now  I am trying to telling about the advantages of LED bulb light

1. Improved work conditions.
2. Consistent lighting quality.
3. Disposal costs.
4. Labor savings.
5. Energy efficiency or saving
6. Lighting for every need
7. Utility rebates
8. Climate resistance.

RE: What is advantage of LED lights?

How LEDs are Different with general bulbs

LED lighting is very different from other lighting bulbs/sources such as incandescent bulbs and CFLs. Key differences include the following:

  1. Light Source: LEDs are the size of a fleck of pepper, and a mix of red, green, and blue LEDs is typically used to make white light.
  2. Direction of light and longevity: LEDs emit light in a specific direction, reducing the need for reflectors and diffusers that can trap light. This feature makes LEDs more efficient for many uses such as recessed downlights and task lighting. With other types of lighting, the light must be reflected to the desired direction and more than half of the light may never leave the fixture.
  3. Low Heat: LEDs emit very little heat. In comparison, incandescent bulbs release 90% of their energy as heat and CFLs release about 80% of their energy as heat.


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