RE: Why do students love Apple’s laptop and mobile phone?

We often seen that most of the student’s favorite laptop is apple and favorite cellphone is iPhone. But why? What is the main reason.
Why do students love Apple’s laptop and mobile phone?

IT Info World Silver Asked on March 28, 2017 in Electronics.
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I am presently a Master’s student. Throughout my bachelor and master’s programme, ninetieth of individuals I actually have encountered have a MacBook (including me). Here area unit a couple of reasons.

  • We tend to air the move all the time. we have a tendency to go between categories, head to extracurricular activities so on. Having a skinny and light-weight laptop computer with a protracted battery life wins here. Heck, the most recent generation of MacBook Air simply lasts ten hours.
  • The battery is amazing on MacBooks. Students may need long categories and dealing late in several places.
  • MacBooks area unit durable and reliable. thus our assignments and thesis won’t wander away. you’ll be able to simply see 5+ year recent MacBooks operating simply fine. Windows laptops tend to convey up sooner.
  • MacBooks have glorious keyboards.
  • MacBook have amazing trackpads, thus we have a tendency to don’t have to be compelled to lug a mouse around.
  • MacBooks tends to run dead-silent.
  • If one thing breaks, most repair retailers will repair them rather quickly.


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