RE: Any tips for those new to paddle boarding?

Stand Up paddle board (SUP) seems intimidating and scary, especially for those who can’t find their balance. 


Russell Harp Default Asked on September 17, 2021 in Education & Reference.
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Achieving perfect balance on a paddle board takes a lot of practice, so don’t feel dismayed if you’re still having a hard time finding your balance. There are some practice exercises that you can try to improve your balance. For starters, you can work on your core and legs which play a crucial role in enabling your body to have perfect balance when paddle boarding. There are many workouts out there that actively engage the leg and core muscles. Some examples are planks, leg raises, squats, and crunches. 

For one, you can train your body with the help of a balance board, a device made by pacing a board on top of an unstable fulcrum. You can start by simply balancing yourself on the board and eventually, you can incorporate an object that is similar to a paddle and work on your paddle stroke and balance at the same time. 

Of course, another great way to improve your balance is by taking lessons. Visit this website to book a paddle boarding London lesson or a group session with BackofBeyondUK today.

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