RE: Where can I ask questions directly to AdSense?

I have been working on google Adsense for two months. I am shocked because Adsense disabled my account for invalid clicks. I want to ask the question to Adsense about this.but I don’t know  how to contract them.If anyone knows please tell me about this.

David Miller Default Asked on September 15, 2016 in Google Adsense.
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Thanks for your question. If your account has been disabled.I think you must receive an email from Google Adsense Support. You can reply that email.The official support of Adsense is and Email – . Google Adsense is a popular way of income. We can earn a lot a money.But they are very much strict for their rules. Sometimes they can ban your account if they find anything against their rules. So that you have to follow their rules.There is a link below where you can know about the reason why google rejects someone’s application.
Reasons behind the rejection of an application by google.

If you know about the fact that why google rejects the application.Then I think you should not be banned by google in future.
Hope you find your answer.
Thank you once again.

Default Answered on September 26, 2016.
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