RE: Can I pay a credit card bill through net banking?

I’ve a credit card and looking to know how to pay credit card bill by net banking.

riteshpanday Default Asked on February 6, 2020 in Business & Finance.
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Yes, a credit card bill can be paid through net banking. The main advantage of net banking is that once a user has his/her credit account linked to their savings account, this process of clearing a bill becomes very easy. 

Users of credit cards can change their linked accounts in future at any time they prefer and even prevent a specific bill payment should they choose to.

The steps are explained chronologically below –

  1. Users should log in to the official payment page of their credit card issuer.
  2. Once all account details are put in, they can access their mini statement. Every user should view this mini statement in detail to check if there are any mistakes or incident of fraud.
  3. After checking all details pertaining to their transactions over the last month, credit card users can proceed to link their account. It is vital to note that while checking their mini statement is not strictly a mandatory step, this ensures the safety of a user’s credit account.
  4. Now the user must access his/her account from the official web portal of their financial institution where they have their savings account.
  5. After logging in their personal savings account, users should register their credit card to this account.
  6. After the credit card is registered, users can simply select the card and complete the payment.

Customers generally have the option to pay their minimum amount or otherwise, though it is advisable to clear the whole amount at once.

Once the amount is entered by the customer, an OTP is sent for confirmation. After the OTP is entered, the credit card bill is cleared instantaneously from the savings account of the user.

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