RE: Can texturizer damage your hair?

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Similar to relaxers, texturizers are comprised of chemicals that can change the texture of the hair. That’s why, if you’ve ever come across products labeled as all-natural, unfortunately, that’s simply not feasible. For a better in-depth explanation, the owner of a barbershop in Rancho Cucamonga breaks down the difference between the two. 

According to him, a texturizer is almost like a relaxer. However, it is marketed as a gentler formula that lets the consumer still have somewhat of a curly pattern. Technically, you may texturize the hair with a relaxer by applying a gentle formula and not leaving it on for too long.  

Several texturizers feature identical straightening ingredients to relaxers, such as calcium hydroxide (no-lye) or sodium hydroxide (lye). Even though a few people find texturizers as relaxer lite, for specific hair types, a texturizer can equally be damaging as a relaxer. In other instances, it could precisely be the amount of softening you require. 

Relaxer lite happens to be an amazing method to describe a texturizer. I have heard from the best hair salon in our locality that relaxers and texturizers are made of similar active ingredients, which are meant to shatter the disulfide bonds in the hair, leading to the relaxation of the curl. The distinction between a conventional relaxer and a texturizer is that the concentration of the active ingredients varies. 

Texturizers are less strong compared to classic relaxers. Accordingly, in reality, they cause less damage to the hair. Maximum texturizer products comprise a few crucial ingredients to facilitate the condition and restoration of the hair. But all of us need to remember that a chemical treatment, irrespective of how ‘lite’ it is, continues to be a chemical treatment. Undeniably, your hair will need some TLC after a texturizer to maintain its health. 

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