RE: Do I need a TM44 if none of my air conditioning units have an output of 12kW?

Why is a TM44 important, and what happens if I don’t have a TM44 inspection carried out?

Joseph Disney Default Asked on December 20, 2021 in Home Utility.
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The general rule with TM44 inspections is that you must have an inspection if your property has an air conditioning system with an output of 12kW. If you have a large-scale unit with the given value as an output, a TM44 inspection is required. “But what if none of my units have a 12kW output individually?” you might ask. The inspection may still apply to you if the combined output of your units is 12kW or more. 

If you are required to have a TM44 inspection carried out according to the general rule above, and you’re unable to do so, the most obvious consequence is that you may be fined for non-compliance. But, aside from this, you will also be missing out on a lot of helpful insight on how you can improve the efficiency of your system, get expert advice on how your system can be improved and developed, and know how you can minimize operating costs. 

A TM44 inspection must be carried out within five years from the previous one. If you need one for your property, visit to get in touch with the qualified TM44 assessors for air conditioning Kent.

Default Answered on April 19, 2022.
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