RE: HD vs. Standard – Which Type of CCTV Camera You Should Prefer?

HD vs. Standard – Which Type of CCTV Camera You Should Prefer?

mu Brong Asked on September 10, 2020 in Electronics.
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For IP cameras, you get (1) multiple sensors which mean greater coverage; (2) resolution—you can select a resolution that best suits your needs; (3) encrypted video for secure transmission, and more. But these cameras might set you back in terms of initial installation or when you’re switching from analog to IP. Another thing to consider is the storage since higher resolution cameras generate files that are larger in size. 

As for analog cameras, their price is lower than that of IP cameras. This is a plus for people who want to have more cameras in their system. Another reason why analog cameras are still highly in demand today is because they’re easy to find and they’re easy to install. Of course, with analog cameras, you’ll also have to deal with lower resolution, less coverage, lower frame rate, and other things that you might view as a downside. 

There’s tons of options to choose from and it’s so easy to get overwhelmed and confused. The best thing to do is to visit this website and consult with the experts from a CCTV and security alarms company in Cheshire who can help you analyse your options. 

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