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I currently have a Usb broadband modem. I purchased a wireless router which has ethernet connections. Currently, the modem is plugged into my computer downstairs which is running Windows 98, therefore, it won’t bridge the connections to my computer upstairs(Xp). I can’t update to Xp because a house member wont ‘risk’ it.

Can I join together the Usb broadband modem to my wireless router using a complex choice of cable adapters ie ethernet to Usb (I cant find a Usb To Ethernet adapter). If this is not possible, if I plug the Usb modem into my Xp computer, can I bridge the connections to my Win 98 computer using the Xp computer as the host?

mu Brong Asked on May 20, 2019 in Computer.
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I think their is Ethernet to Usb out their currently but not Usb to ethernet. I dont see any presuppose why you should not be able to hook up your Usb modem to your Xp computer and use it as a bridge to the 98 computer.

Of course, it would be nicer to have an all-in-one unit, but you can achieve your goal with this equipment. You cannot use cable adapters to convert the modem’s Usb into Ethernet. Usb needs drivers to operate, and Ethernet connections do not supply those drivers to the device. You could also join together the modem to the Xp machine and bridge connections, yes. But you can leave the law the way it is and configure it to run smoothly like this:

If I had the hardwear in front of me, it would be easier to supply specifics… But i can probly give you an idea of what to do. There are only 2 steps here:

1. Configure an internet gateway.

2. Configure the router.

And the rest is easy.

1. Set up the internet machine to Share An Internet connection (you can use the wizard if you want, or just enable Internet connection Sharing), which will turn the 98 into an internet gateway. That gateway needs an Ip address designated, however. In essence, the 98 machine will be the internet server, so the Ip of the 98 machine is the Ip of the gateway. Assign an address, for example: to the 98 machine. The “192.168” is important, and the last strings you can stretch on, but for the sake of ease lets keep it small. *Tip* the subnet mask will always be Okay that takes care of the host machine.

2. After you have an internet gateway, join together the wireless router, and console (or Ip) in to the settings, regularly by going into internet explorer and typing into the address bar, and look for a slot for Internet Gateway. Type the address assigned in step 1. Thats that for the router. (there may be other settings needful for your specific network, and if there are, be sure to configure those.)

Lastly a few housekeeping tasks. Make sure the workgroup for both machines is identical. I regularly use Mshome as the workgroup. Also make sure that on the Xp machine, your Ip address is set to “Automatically gain Ip address”, also known as Dhcp.

Silver Answered on May 20, 2019.
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