RE: Live in a world without money?

Would it be possible to live in a world without money, kind of like in Star trek? No money, no poverty, no famine.

MultiSeguros Default Asked on August 14, 2016 in Health & Fitness.
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I think, It is not possible to live in this world without money and Famine. Think in previous days there was no money but they had exchange system. They could not live with out exchange. I think Famine is also for exchange. From a Famine you can exchange sexual relationship, sorrows and sufferings, work as a partner from her. So it is a vital needs for live.

you can fall any kind of disease at any time. At this time being you need her help. for your better understanding, please close your eyes and thing a single day without electricity, internet and mobile network. How you will feel. Is it possible for you to leave?
Please let me know.
Hope you have get your answer.
Thanks you.

Brong Answered on August 14, 2016.
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