RE: Professional like curtain washing tips for you.

In this post, we are going to talk about a very important part of the decoration of our home which we must clean more often than we do. That’s why we Laundry service want to help you with some tips on how to wash curtains like a pro?

We must regularly remove the dust that accumulates in the curtains. The brush of the vacuum cleaner is a good tool for this task. And it is also essential to check the labeling, to check which fabric is being treated and what is the recommended cleaning: in water, dry, temperature, if chlorinated products can be used, etc.

Before washing the curtains:

It is necessary to try to eliminate hooks and all kinds of accessories before washing the curtains, as it can damage the washing machine and the fabric itself, since it can suffer from snags, tears, etc.

It is important to bear in mind that if the curtains have moisture stains are yellow or even black and/or have been hanging for many years exposed to sunlight or friction, it can happen especially in natural fabrics with less resistance to atmospheric agents. That when they are washed they break or the fabric is broken and they come to shreds. Agents such as the sun, humidity or friction cause the loss of resistance during washing in the washing machine. The fabric suffers, it breaks completely and we are left without curtains.

Curtains with lining:

When the curtains are lined, it is necessary to carefully review how each fabric must be treated, since each one can have a different treatment, for example, in the case of silk curtains with cotton or polyurethane lining.

In the case of curtains with opaque linings, which completely prevent the entry of light, these linings tend to carry in their composition synthetic fabrics that do not allow certain conventional cleaning treatments, which are carried out at home, as they may lose their main faculties.

Natural fiber curtains:

It is usual that in natural fiber curtains such as cotton, burlap, linen, etc. usually present a slight shrinkage or shrinkage after washing, being a little shorter than before washing. However, the ironing, the weight of the fabric and the passage of time will make it recover to a large extent its usual length.

If you are still confused about how to wash curtains like a pro, get in touch with Laundry service. They are professional and have many years of experience.

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Thanks for the great advice. I will definitely use them the next time I’ll use laundry service near me

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