RE: What are some good vegetarian/vegan restaurants in Prague?

I’m new here. I don’t know anything about this restaurants.

What are some good vegetarian/vegan restaurants in Prague?

So I need to know about this in details. Please some one help me.

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Thanks for your questions“What are some good vegetarian/vegan restaurants in Prague?”
I think this question is very important for all like yours. Here I’m trying to give your answers in brief.

This cafeteria serves vegetarian fare buffet-style, with options ranging from raw salads to hot foods such as soups and cooked Czech delicacies. The price of meals at this eatery is determined by the weight of food items selected, ensuring that diners pay a reasonable amount for their meals.

2. Loving Hut

It has several outlets around the city and offers a buffet of Asian vegan fare at each branch. Apart from savory dishes, you can also find vegan desserts at this eatery. The food here is affordably priced and portions are generous.

3. Estrella
This vegetarian restaurant serves freshly prepared Czech and international delicacies. While Estrella is not entirely vegan, some of the dishes it serves are suitable for those on a vegan diet. Apart from food, locally-brewed beer is also offered on the menu – vegetarians are certainly not deprived of their pint of beer here!

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Brong Answered on May 6, 2017.
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