RE: Which one is better, Samsung or Apple?

I want to buy a new phone. I have chosen 2 brands. 1. Apple’s iPhone  2. Samsung  But I don’t know which one is better? So I need to know about this in details. Because I will take the decision and buy.  Please, someone help me.

Which one is better, Samsung or Apple?

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The comparison will be in favour of Apple.
The major reason that makes the Apple different from any other brand smartphone across the globe is their operating system. Everyone of us know that only Apple runs it’s phone on iOS, while most of the phone are operating on Android.

So moving to your points, if you want to buy an Android mobile, obviously Samsung playing good at users end.  But you have more options nowadays in market which can give you much better quality features in less prices. But you have not any alternate option for iOS operating system.

If you have budget then it would be suggested to go for Apple. Here are some iPhone models of 2020 suggested. That you can look before if buying one.

Hope it was helpful to you!

Default Answered on March 16, 2020.
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