RE: Why can’t applications be developed on mobile phones?

I don’t know anything about this mobile phones applications be development. So I need to know about this in details. Please, someone helps me.

Why can’t applications be developed on mobile phones?
jamiemariah Default Asked on May 30, 2017 in Mobile Phone.
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Mobile applications are built for two platforms, Android and IOS operating systems.
In the development of IOS apps, companies use “Xcode” integrated development environment and “Swift” programming language. Whereas “Android studio” IDE and “Java” programming language are used in Android app development.
Coming to your question, it is not possible to build a mobile app on mobile itself. So the reason, why we can’t use mobile as a platform for app development,t is
1. Hardware and software – Mobile phone is not compatible with softwares that are required to develop an app.
2. Small screen – A mobile app development company provides big screen computers to their developers to boost their productivity. Typing on a small screen like a mobile device will make it hectic for programmers to code.
3. Speed – Processors and operating system of computers are quite faster and handy than of mobile.
4. Mobile phones are not designed for compiling huge complex codes.
In short, it is impossible for now in 2018.
Maybe it could become possible in future as the technology is evolving very fast.
Hope the answer was helpful.

Default Answered on November 16, 2018.
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