RE: Why SQL Is so Popular?

SQL is often wont to share and manage data, particularly data that’s found in electronic database management systems, which include data organized into tables.Using SQL, you’ll query, update, and reorganize data, also as create and modify the schema
(structure) of a database system and control access to its data

Anu0123 Default Asked on September 25, 2021 in Businesses.
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SQL is the most mainstream language that is used to access databases because it can work with any database. The databases, with which you interface, are programs that enable clients to store and manage information in a logical manner.

And due to its simplicity, SQL is almost common knowledge among developers and those they work with. This means skill sets easily transfer between companies and industries, which means talent is readily available, which in turn fuels knowledge creation and community growth.

Default Answered on November 13, 2021.
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