4 Things To Consider When Renting A Car


Nowadays, Bulgaria is one of the top destinations for the travelers to spend their holidays with their loved ones. While other countries require a good amount of money, you can complete the whole tour here without creating a hole in your bank account. Enriched with culture, tradition, technology, history, flora and fauna, the country offers different places to explore and experience.

As there are several cities to visit you need to decide where you will go before you plan your vacation. To revive your body and mind, choose the vibrant capital of the country, Sofia. On the other side, to witness the beauty of a seaside capital, visit Bourgas. The list does not end here. There are several other places too.

Would you like to learn which one is the city that the travelers visit at least once during the sojourn? The answer will be Plovdiv. The second largest city in Bulgaria, Plovdiv has so many things to offer you. And in includes trendy restaurants, old-style Bulgarian houses, cafes and bars, Roman ruins and an absolutely beautiful Roman amphitheater.

Now, everyone is busy in embellishing the city for 2019-when the city will be the Cultural capital of Europe. If you visit the city in this year, you will witness the hustle and bustle that is surrounding the city.

Moreover, there are lots of places to visit including:

  • The Old Town
  • Nebet Tepe Hill
  • The Roman Amphitheater
  • Knyaz Aleksandr
  • The Monument of Alyosha
  • Central Garden

Thinking how to visit all the places during the short period of your vacation? The ideal thing will be to rent a car in Plovdiv Airport. There are several car rental agencies that offer different types of cars like Mini, SUV, Standart, Economy, Van, Compact and many more. Based on your needs and budget, choose a car for you.

There are several car rental agencies and choosing the right one among them is a difficult task. To make your task easier, you can consider the points while short listing the names of the agencies:


The reputation of the agency matters a lot. Always try to choose an agency that has years of reputation in this field. Generally, a reputable agency does not compromise with the quality of the services as it hampers their reputation.

Kinds of services:

While some of the agencies only provide car rental from Plovdiv Airport, others offer rental services from other airports too. Moreover, you can get the assistance of the drivers from them. You can also get additional equipment like Snow chains, Ski rack, baby seat child seat, navigation system and many more from them.

Rental charge and Additional charge:

The rental charge depends on the kind of the car that you will use and the time period. On the other side, you will be asked to pay something extra when you will want additional assistance or services from them or return the car after the scheduled time or cause any damage to it. There are some hidden charges too. So, it is always better to clear all of your doubts, before you choose the company.

Do a wide search initially to recognize the least expensive auto rental organizations at your destination. Once you’ve made sense of which car rental companies are least expensive, take a look at the company’s website for offers or specials, as these don’t generally appear in a search engine tool. Next, do a brisk Google scan for the company’s coupon. Sort the organization name and year.

The new trend in car rental booking system is to offer clients a marked down tank of gas at the season of booking with the destination that you don’t need to give back the tank full. Fundamentally, you pay ahead of time for a tank so you can bring it back empty. This is not worth doing! For starters, they should know nobody really brings a totally empty tank of gas. Lastly, observe that the rental company’s less expensive fuel rate is normally just pennies not as much as the gas stations. More or less: don’t pay ahead for fuel!

Now, if booking the least expensive car rental service, you can upgrade immediately to a more expensive one. If you are after savings, book economy or smaller cars and stay away from redesigns whether free or offered, as this does not mean you’re getting a less fuel effective car. Ensure the mileage recorded matches with what the dashboard says. This is particularly vital in case you have mileage limitations on your booking!


The review of the customers matters a lot. Visit the website of the company to have a look at the review of the previous clients. If you find satisfactory enough, choose it.

These are the initial things that one needs to consider at the time of renting a car in Bulgaria. Make the most of your car rental with the tips.

As you plan to hit your favorite destinations, restaurants, and attractions around town, just rent one cab and have it waiting for you as you visit many places. Choose between a Mini, Prime Sedan, Prime SUV to fit your requirements.  car for rent without driver in trivandrum


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