Plan the Easiest Ways To Promote Your Bike Shop Early This Season

Plan the Easiest Ways To Promote Your Bike Shop Early This Season

Last year you may have had everything in place in your bike rental stores and a proper plan which is why you did not fare well in your business. To prevent the recurrence of it this cycling season you must plan your moves early and brace yourself for the upcoming season and face the challenges with confidence.

However, cycling does not need any particular season as the demand for it is always on the higher side with the graph dipping a bit in the wet months. This is not just an anecdote but as per the records, it is a proven fact that cycling happens to be the second most favourite outdoor activity. It is loved by both adults and children all over the world which is why there is a significant existence of and rise in the bike rental shops.

All these facts and figures mean that if you are passionate about your bike rental shop, chances are very high that there are millions worldwide and hundreds in your area who have the same passion as well. Therefore, it raises the next logical question which is what you should do to excel among those hundreds of bike shops offering a cut-throat competition.

How are you going to prepare your business to face the challenges often becomes the most significant concern of bike rental shop owners? There is so much to do including managing the new inventory to stock, bringing back on board the seasonal employees and lots of routine prep work that do not need special mention.

The discount strategy

Therefore, you must have a smart yet simple set of plans and strategies to implement so that you can capitalize on the high demand for bikes every season. If you find yourself at a loss for ideas then this list of favourites will take away all your worries.

Since everything boils down to money, it is better to start with the wallet, both yours as well as your customers. Offering rental discounts like most retailers seems to be the most obvious strategy and understandably so. However, there are a few things to consider whole making such offers.

  • Consider whether you really want to dig deep into your discount bag this early or not especially if you have faced a long and severe winter and
  • Know whether the customers, knowledgeable as they are, will be ready to hunt for bargains so early.

Therefore, find the right time to offer bargains and discounts. You must weigh the high market demand as well as the low consumer expectations and balance the two to come up with it and hit your customers at the right and the most opportune moment to surprise them with an unexpected markdown when they are least expecting it. To structure your discounts and rebates you can take help of experts such as bike rental discount and others to know the trend.

This strategy is very helpful and will work in your favour for the following reasons:

  • Firstly and most importantly it will bring the customers to your shop even more
  • It will give them the tactile introduction to the newest bikes and biking gear
  • It will create a positive financial rapport between you and your customers.

However, to create unique bike rental discount coupons you must set the parameters before and share your custom code.

Plan maintenance workshops

You never know that a particular customer is a greenhorn or a club rider. It is useful and most effective if you share some of the most coveted bike maintenance know-how. Especially if it is spring in the air, this is the ideal season to organize such workshops. You may also offer such services weekly when your shop is open.

This practice and strategy will not only establish your shop as a solid centre of community engagement in your neighbourhood but will also help you to establish a bond of trust with your new customers at the same time.

These classes may include training regarding all basic bike assessment to repairing of a flat tire. Remember, that if you have an online calendar, it need not be pretty but more functional.

Offer community rides

If you are looking for an excellent way for community building then perhaps there is no better strategy than offering group rides. Irrespective of the time you plan for such rides, this type of activity will be particularly effective and serve your purpose.

  • However, as per the experts and following the research report of the National Institute of Health, the start of the spring season is the best time for such community rides. The report says that most people suffer from some kind of seasonal mood changes within the months of November and March.
  • This means in other words that you will have most customers during this period that will look frantically for a way an excuse to get out of the city. What better way can you imagine to relieve stress than spending some time into the outdoors riding a bike and enjoying nature?
  • The most significant aspect of arranging such community rides apart from providing people with an opportunity to build a seasonal connection with you is that this is something that no online retailer can provide to any customer. Therefore, you will have no one to compete with.

Remember, there are always people especially bikers who look for an adventure. Your primary idea is to take that opportunity and simply put it in front of them.

Let people know about your actions

It is not enough to be found on the website to have absolute success. You will need to let other people know about your strategies or else it will remain mostly on the papers without any effective result and return.

Make the best of the opportunity and to reach out to your customers contacting them via email or phone. You can send complimentary discount codes, share a newsletter, or simply say thanks for their continual patronage. You can come across several such ideas on to be proactive and a worthy positive engagement.


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