Use Instagram To Increase Website Traffic To Your Fashion Site


Bringing traffic to the website is one of the most common concerns of website owners who need traffic to get popularity, shine in e-commerce, stay ahead of rivals, and make a mark and put forth their website for branding. Hence traffic generation is one of the most critical steps in maintaining a website, marketing for it and using social media for the same. And one of the essential tools in social media, which is a monster traffic generator, and these days is working even better than Facebook and Twitter in bringing the right limelight to images and pictures is Instagram.

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How can Instagram generate traffic for your fashion website?

Instagram has a huge role today in highlighting pictures. Visuals are one of the best media and content to get first attention. You may not feel like reading two lines somewhere, but a picture in front of your eyes will undoubtedly grab your attention even if for a split second. And that is where Instagram rules. It’s all about storytelling through images, pictures, videos clips, etc. Therefore if you say something through photos, update events of your business, the business insider stories, infrastructure, success and failures, brand making, product making, production and all, and tell them all through pictures, photographs, infographics, etc, then you are bound to get gala attention. That is a big reason that posts on Instagram get 60 times more attention and response than Facebook posts and almost 120 times more attention than Twitter.

Instagram as the massive traffic generator for your fashion based website

No doubt if your site is dependent on images and pictures for showing off your product, then there can be no better a partner in social media sharing than Instagram. If you are using Instagram, then you can use smart tricks and tips to generate much more traffic for the website by the ways of this social media platform only. How to do this? Follow the below steps, and you would soon feel the difference:

  • Find out how well you know Instagram. Do you understand and deal with this platform well enough? If not then you must first find out how to use all the features of Instagram. There are commenting options, sharing options, cross-media sharing features, chat feature, following feature, filters that can be applied to the photos, and so on. Therefore, you have a lot of things to explore and learn on Instagram. And you must start seriously with the learning, exploring, and practicing to use all the features of the social platform.
  • Instagram is also available for business. If you are keen to use this for your e-commerce website, then you can use Instagram for business. This will help you in branding, promotions and more. The latest news feature on Instagram for business accounts is of great use and can assist in advanced promotions.
  • Consumers love the fact when you mention about them in your streams. And this can be done quickly on Instagram. When you mention your followers and consumers, they will relate more to you.
  • Instagram has the feature of connecting and co-sharing the media with your other social media accounts. What you have posted on Instagram can be posted on other accounts, and this makes Instagram an excellent co-sharing platform too.
  • The hashtag feature in Instagram works just like the same feature in Twitter. Using this feature, you can tag the contents of the post to popular niches and groups. You can tag the content with appropriate connections to your fashion website products.
  • Using YouTube in your blogs and posting the clips of those videos or stills from the video on Instagram can be a great idea to fetch some of the followers from the social site to YouTube, and through that to your blog.
  • If you are getting followers on Instagram, then you must follow them back. This creates a nice relationship with the followers and helps you form the basis for making them your customers later.

This way, you may nurture the use of Instagram reasonably well to make this your branding and promotions partner for online marketing for your fashion related website.

For more traffic through Instagram focus on increasing followers

You must concentrate on growing followers for Instagram. You must try and improve your Instagram followers so that you can get more traffic to your website. There are lots of constructive ways to gain followers. If you become a follower and visit other’s pages, then you will also get a page visit from them, and many of them will become your followers. Another way is to make them subscribe to your products and follow you by offering discounts or special offers. Both work well for creating some good followers. And when you have enough followers through such tips and services that enable natural followers, then you can get better traffic to the fashion related website.


Instagram is a great platform to showcase picture and photographs. People do not give in much time to Twitter and Facebook posts as they prefer to focus on the pictorial posts on Instagram. And that is why it’s easy to get followers here and fetch quality traffic of curious minds to your website from your Instagram account. You may post video clips from the larger videos you post on YouTube and then tell on your Instagram account about your YouTube channel or video blog. This way you can harness the power of this picture sharing social media site highly to increase your website popularity and traffic manifolds. There are also professional services which allow you to grow your Instagram account followers at a nominal rate.


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