Popular Indoor Games


Whenever one uses the word”sports and games” it’s common human mindset to connect with the likes of Football, Tennis, Baseball, Foosball, etc.. Especially in certain nations, in which the spectrum of sport is inhabited by cricket (leaving little space for recognition of different sports) the popularity of indoor games and sports are all but absent. The only indoor sport we have to boast about is Chess and Badminton (to an extent!). But there are also some popular indoor games that are widely played among nations.

Nevertheless, in regards to the world at large, indoor games are just as crucial as outdoor sports and games are. Be it at the Olympics or other international championships, indoor games are held in great regard globally, and Some of those very well-regarded are as follows-



To a layman, this game may seem like a childish indulgence- using a humongous ball only to knock off ten odd-shaped hooks at the end of a road just qualifies as a game, eh? Wrong. Its roots are in Ancient Egypt (seen from remains by Sir Flinders Petrie) along with the Roman Empire where the people used husk balls, leather balls, etc.. Pin bowling, since it is known today (with 10-pin, 9-pin in addition to 5-pin variants), has been originally established in New York in 1895. Aside from giving an enjoyable evening out, bowling supplies a lot of exercise into the body assists in the strengthening of burning fat off, etc..


Football is a game that’s appreciated throughout the world. It’s another popular indoor sports and games. In fact, it’s undoubtedly the most popular sport worldwide, attracting countless viewers into stadiums and live broadcasts. If there was a foosball table in a person’s home, it was probably a kids table, made from plastic. Professional foosball tables haven’t been more economical. The Affordable plastic tables really are something of the past; expert, high-quality foosball tables are something of this current.


A general term used for Carambole Billiards, this is certainly the most popular sport in the family of billiards (others include three-cushion billiards, swimming pool, etc). It is considered to have its origins in France from the late 1700s. The carambola billiard game (popular from the household) has a very simple aim – a point is scored (called counts) when the cue ball strikes the object balls in 1 stroke. The minute a preset number of things is realized the winner is decided.


The title squash comes from the softness of the ball that is used in the sport. Harrow College is famous with the invention and popularization of this sport that utilized racquets very similar to but a good deal milder than, those employed. The principles of this game have undergone plenty of changes with time. According to the standard scoring system, the first player to reach 9 points will be declared the winner of this game. In the event, the scoreline, however, reads 8-8 then the participant who achieved 8 gets to determine whether the match will be done to 9 or performed to 10. However, as mentioned by the present approved scoring system, games are played to 11 and also have to be achieved keeping a difference of two so as to win. Jahangir Khan of Pakistan is widely thought of as the best player in the sport.

Table Tennis

The fundamentals of the sport, however, are somewhat different. The service needs to be completed in a way so as to create the ball fall once in somebody’s own half of the plank from the competitor’s half an hour and then in the competitor’s half only. In doubles, the rally is continued by players shifting among themselves hence incorporating an extra dimension of challenge for this exceptionally speedy sport; additionally, in doubles, the ceremony is done directly between contrary parts of the board! This sport originated in England in the late 1800s, in which it was played largely from the elite course due to a post-meal game. On account of the sound of the ball being struck to-and-fro involving the racquets, this sport can also be referred to as ping-pong. With 2 World Championships and a World Cup title to his title, Jan-Ove Waldner is regarded as among the best players of this game.


Like squash, Badminton can be a racquet sport (played with a shuttlecock in lieu of a ball). Opponents are pitted against one another on either side of a web and a point is performed by a player once the shuttlecock is not returned during a rally, by his own opponent. 1992 was the first year when badminton was initially introduced at the Olympics. It had been in British India (the early 1800s) when this game first came into existence. However, rather than what we understand as shuttlecocks now (made of feathers), woolen balls were utilized. The Badminton World Federation was made from the year 1934, a very long time after the game had gained widespread recognition in England.


Basketball was invented by Dr. James Naismith as a method to keep his pupils in the gym occupied on a rainy day. The idea was to think of a game which would not be too rough yet would supply the perfect variety of exercises. Points are scored by placing the ball at the basket (just two things ) if it is in front of their left-handed line three-points are scored. Basketball, in western nations, is performed at several levels including school and high-school level basketball. The National Basketball Association (NBA) from the USA was shaped in 1949 and is, now, the top skilled basketball team in the world. It’s seen players like Shaquille O’Neal, Michael Jordan, Karl Malone, Larry Bird, etc., those who have contributed significantly to the popularity along with also the achievement of this sport.


Undoubtedly among the most violent sports to have graced the sports world, boxing is a game based highly connected between the competitions. It’s a complete test of speed, endurance, endurance, strength, and endurance. The origins of boxing are located profoundly in Ancient Greece in which it had been approved by them as an Olympic match (BC 600-700). In contrast to this gloved-fight we see now, the first reports of the origin of boxing imply bare-handed struggles. What adds to the violence of this game was, in these days, boxing had just 1 rule- NO RULES! Because of the growing frequency of deaths from the sport, Jack Broughton introduced particular rules that attracted a level of decorum to the match. The variant of boxing, amateur boxing, is far more controlled compared (by stricter principles and protective equipment ) and is contested at the Olympics and Commonwealth Games.


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