SARMs For Sale: Where to Buy SARMs Online in 2019 (No-BS Review!)

sarms for sale

There’s been a lot of talk about SARMs for sale recently, and where to buy them online… but the truth is that 99% of the companies out there are scammers, and you need to be very careful where you buy your supplements online.

My name is Jon Anthony, and I’ve spent well over $1,000 testing SARMs online, and the results have been shocking. In my research, I’ve found that most SARMs are replaced with garbage pro hormones and some will even send you to the emergency room.

But, with this in mind, where’s a good place to buy SARMs online in 2019? Here are my thoughts, so let’s get to it.


SARMs For Sale: The Truth About Buying SARMs Online

Like I said before, the vast majority of SARMs are scams. 99% of the companies out there will sell you complete junk, and will have no second thoughts about taking your money and laughing all the way to the bank.

So, with this in mind, let’s explore some of the best SARMs vendors, and let me give you my opinion on each one.

SARMs4You Review

In my opinion, SARMs 4 you is one of the worst places to buy SARMs online in 2019. I came to this conclusion after extensive research, and a lot of experience testing out different SARMs like Ostarine and RAD 140.

Here are the three reasons why I think SARMs4You is bunk:

  1. Zero Legit Before/After Pics
  2. No 3rd Party Results
  3. Few Testimonials on Reddit

First of all, there’s almost no before and after pictures of their SARMs results. They claim to have pure SARMs, and yet I haven’t come across a single legit picture of guys showing their before and after results.

Second, their 3rd party test results are old, like over a year old. In other words, they had a 3rd party lab “verify” that their SARMs are all 100% legit, yet these tests are over a year old.

This means that they could simply get the tests done, and then create a bunch of new batches of SARMs that are garbage, and still market them as being 100% pure. This is a big red flag in my opinion.

Lastly, they have very few testimonials on Reddit. Whenever something is good, there’s usually a ton of Reddit threads reviewing them, with people showing their good results. These guys have none of those things whatsoever.

IRC Bio Review

In my opinion, this is another red flag scam site, because of the same reasons as listed before. None of their before and after SARMs results have been verified, and there’s very few third party reviews on Reddit.

Just these two things alone would be enough to call a final verdict, but there’s one more thing I’d like to touch upon. When you look at the website, you’ll see that their SARMs are extremely cheap… like stunningly, ridiculously cheap.

In my opinion, you get what you pay for… and if a SARMs company is selling SARMs for literally 30% of the price of everyone else, that’s a huge red flag that they’re giving you junk.

Why? It’s simple. No company would be able to afford those prices, unless they were cutting their alleged “SARMs” with some sort of cheap filler, or dangerous pro hormone from some laboratory in China. In my opinion, I’d avoid them at all costs.

Proven Peptides Review

In my opinion, Proven Peptides is the only place you should ever try to get SARMs. They have everything that these other companies don’t have, like good reviews, before and after pictures, and legit 3rd party tests.

Their Ostarine for sale is one of the best brands of Ostarine I’ve ever had, period. It’s 100% legit, and I have posted my before and after results on my blog, for everyone else to see.

Every batch of SARMs they make is third party verified, so you know it’s 100% legit. In fact, I’ve seen the test results myself, and according to independent laboratory testing, they’re at least 98% pure, which is awesome.

They’re the only place I trust… but with that in mind, let’s explore some other things about SARMs you need to know.


What Are SARMs?

In case you didn’t already know, SARMs stands for “Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators.” This means that they selectively choose which androgen receptors to link to, so that you get many benefits of steroids, without any side effects.

This is why, in my opinion, SARMs are so powerful. Not only do they have high anabolic ratios, but they also have very low androgenic ratios. What this means is that you’ll literally get most of the benefits of steroids, without any of the side effects.

The only known side effects are a little bit of increased acne, which is normal, and slightly elevated lipid profiles. There is no known irreversible damage that SARMs do to your liver or hormone profile, which means they’re highly safe if you take a PCT.


Where to Buy SARMs (Avoiding Scams)

As I said before, I personally believe that Proven Peptides is the only place you should ever buy SARMs from. All of their SARMs for sale have been third party verified, and are in my opinion, 100% legit.

A lot of guys worry about where to buy SARMs, but the truth is that buying SARMs online doesn’t have to be difficult. If you know where to look, and the signs to look out for, it’s very easy to find 100% legit stuff online.

Always remember to look for these three things, before you consider buying SARMs:

  1. Legit Before and After Pictures
  2. Good Third Party Test Results
  3. Independent Reviews on Reddit

If any SARMs company is lacking any one of these three things, there is simply no way to know if they’re legit or not. If they’re a new company, I would wait for some more results to come in, before you buy. It’s just not worth taking the risk.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a good SARMs vendor, then like I said, do your own research, and keep in mind the three things I mentioned. I hope this article helps you out, and let me know if you have any questions!


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