How a Divorced, Single Parent Can Pay off Huge Debts and Rebuild her Life


When you get a divorce and are a single mom, you will have problems concerning money. However, you must know how to brave the financial challenges and learn from your life experiences. Though it’s easier said than done, you must learn to save and balance your checkbook while paying for the household expenses, your kid’s sports uniform, grocery bills, and trips to child’s school summer camps. Life is not easy when you become a single parent after a divorce with huge debts to pay off and little income. However, do not feel overwhelmed because we are not here to scare you away. We have some good news for you. No matter how much debt you have today, you can start paying it off if you know the rules of the game. And you’re not alone because average US households have more than $16,000 credit card debt. According to, out of the single parents who consulted the charity for help, 31 percent of them defaulted with mortgage bills, council tax bills, and water bills. To make your life easy, here are a few proven ways to pay off your debts and rebuild your life.

Make Some Financial Sacrifices

It is not easy to get out of debt, especially when you are a single mom and divorced. You need to make some financial sacrifices. However, that does not mean that you have to make emotional sacrifices. Your kids do not understand the meaning of debt management. Your children feel happy when they see toys, fast food, computer games, and smartphones. But when you are in debt, avoid showering your child with expensive gifts.

On the contrary, win their love by creating experiences. Go for a walk with your kids to the nearest park, visit a zoo or museum or ask your son or daughter to help you toss up delicious meals instead of eating out in expensive restaurants. Your children can stay happy with inexpensive things too.

Do Some Freelance Work

A single parent can generate some additional income with some freelance work like writing, teaching students, designing, and things like that. If you are good at cooking, you can even start a cooking class. If you know how to create magic with words, you can earn $1,500 with freelance writing. Did you know there are paid bloggers who earn good money by taking some time out of their busy schedule? If you have creative writing prowess, you can churn out blogs on a range of topics.

Consider Your Debt as an Emergency

Your insurmountable debt holds you back from many things. When you owe a lot of money to creditors, it prevents you from saving, makes you financially unstable, and keeps you from attaining financial independence. Therefore, you must treat your debt as an emergency and start paying off your dues immediately and get rid of for the last time. Else, a high debt will affect the quality of your life. Besides, you can research online and get assistance from platforms like when you are in debt. Such providers will help you deal with your financial crisis so that you can pay off your creditors quickly.

Pay One Debt at a Time

If you have five debts to pay off, pick one at a time and clear the dues as soon as possible. Start paying off your old debts such as the loan for your kid’s education. Try to save $100 every month and put aside the money to clear such loans. For example, if you have an educational loan of $1,100, you can pay the same quickly as long as keep saving money. When you have paid off this loan, you can start clearing the other debts. The solution lies in staying focused and organized.

Change Your Lifestyle

When you have divorced as well as a single parent, it is time to mull over your lifestyle. Since mortgage payments and house rents are some of the biggest costs, you must focus on these aspects first. For example, if you are living in a large house, but need little space to live, move to a smaller place. This way, you can save thousands of dollars of monthly rent. Even if you continue living in the same big house, rent a room out for additional income. You can even sell your old house and rent a cheaper place or buy a small house and keep the rest of the money aside as savings. If you have a mortgage, refinance the same for a lower rate of interest. Make sure that you do not increase the term, and closing expenses do not have a negative impact on your savings.

Sell Your Big Car

Paying or maintaining an expensive car is the worst-case scenario when you’re enmeshed in huge debt. If you have bought a $20k car on a $22k per annum salary, that is your biggest blunder. You may have cleared the car installments, but you use it and need to maintain it. If maintaining an expensive car is affecting your budget, sell it invest in a small vehicle. You can also use shared rides if you do not want to invest in a new car when in debt. You can always buy one once you pay off all your debts.

Use Only One Credit Card

Three or four credit cards are the worst types of debts that you can have. That is because the rates of interest are astronomical and you will spend years to pay off the balance. If credit cards are the reason for your financial crisis, it is high time that you start using only one and stop cutting down the rest. Remember that your credit should become your emergency fund. Create an emergency fund instead. You have the income from your freelance job or you also rebuild your new life as debt-free.


Stay focused and persistent when paying off your debt as a single parent. It is about discipline if you want to clear your dues quickly. Once you become debt-free, you and your kid can enjoy a better life. Rebuild your new life debt-free.

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