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Golden Neo Life Diamite, or GNLD for short aim to benefit the lives of as many people as possible with their health & wellness products. This company was the idea of Jerry Brassfield and he founded it around 50 years ago. He suffered from various allergies and severe asthma difficulties from a young age. His mother started adding various nutrients and minerals to his diet on a regular basis and they found that his condition improved significantly. This lead him to looking further into such products and in his late teens he formulated a business idea to share such products with others .


In case you hadn’t guessed what all the GNLD reviews are talking about they are indeed a health and wellness company. You should be aware that some would say this particular niche was already saturated, either way you need to be prepared for some fierce competition. I have had the pleasure of sampling some of this company’s products. They are indeed good, although maybe a little ‘run of the mill’. You can’t escape that this company has grown to an international empire and is worth millions of dollars. Whatever anyone says, this company works, and they are now operating in over 50 countries!

They have an extensive product range of health supplement tablets & shakes, they also do weight loss products, skin and home care products. All are environmentally friendly and backed by the company’s extensive, well qualified scientific advisory board.

A search on the Better Business Bureau, reveals that GNLD get an A+ and an Accredited Business stamp, so it’s safe to say they are not a scam!


How you will earn from GNLD?

There isn’t that much information on their corporate website about joining fees, or the pay plan so you will need to dig a little deeper to find this information. To get started as a distributor will cost $49, or you can go for the pro-starter kit for $99. This isn’t a bad price for starting up, although obviously you have product volume targets to hit in order to maximise your profits.

The top ranks in the pay plan are Diamond. There are many different ways to earn from the comp plan such as retail profits, sales volume bonuses, leadership bonuses, car bonus, bonus cash & travel rewards. More bonuses open up the higher up the pay scale you climb

It appears on the face of it that GNLD are very traditional, there are no flashy websites or sales funnels in place. They will tell you the basics, which are to use the products and share them with family and friends. A large percentage of folks in network marketing struggle with this simply because they don’t have enough qualified prospects to really make this work.

To be ultimately successful in this business you are going to need to think BIG, this is a numbers game after all. You must have a fresh influx of leads, you need lots of people to talk to about your business. Do you know a network marketing lead generation
? 20, 30 leads a day is going to get your business moving for sure, you should also be looking for a way to leverage a system to do a lot of the donkey work for you. Professional marketers automatically get rid of titre kickers and have prospects approaching them to join their business, they also know how to make money from people that don’t even join their main business.

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