Key SEO Activities Which Can Now Be Automated


Although it might be a bit hard to keep up with the current growing number of SEO tools which have already got launched a couple of years before, it is always necessary to test the items. This testing is mandatory for identifying the features you can support and further help in advancing SEO activities in a rather efficient manner. This service is mostly true when it is associated with tasks, which are critical or even highly beneficial to SEO process but also prove to be time-consuming and complex to execute. Therefore, it is mandatory to know some SEO tasks, which can be completely or partially automated with the help of some tools in action.

Assessing the potential of industry traffic:

One of the major activities whenever launching a new SEO campaign or website is just to assess traffic based potentiality and then identifying the current competitors in the market. Estimating this service can be a bit challenging, mainly whenever you start to work in a brand new market that you actually don’t know much about.

  • For some help, you can get the Industry Analysis reports. It will help by allowing users to obtain the most vital traffic data for the industry in so many countries.
  • It will further showcase the traffic per sources, trends and some of the popular sites per channel. But, make sure to take these numbers as nothing but reference and not absolutes. Whenever you get the opportunity, you can validate it with other data sources. You can further ask experts from Taylorightfor some quality response in this regard.

Identification of the keyword opportunities based on your site:

Finding some of the new keyword opportunities is quite important, especially whenever you are trying to focus on the current SEO process and also establishing some of the profitable and feasible goals. In past, following this form of analysis was no doubt time to consume, but right now, things have changed for the betterment. It can now be automated completely with the help of “Opportunities” features all the way from Sistrix.

  • Thanks to this feature, you can easily include as many as three competitors.
  • It will showcase the keywords, which you are not targeting and for that, the competitors are already gaining huge ranking and level of traffic opportunity. Those keywords can further help your competitors to gain few steps forward.

Identification of relevant terms as used in Content:

Another interesting SEO activity happens to be identifying some of the relevant and related terms, which are used in content by just doing A TF IDF Analysis of the current top ranked pages for any form of query. TF IDF mainly stands for “term frequency” and also “inverse document frequency.” With the help of TF IDF formula, you can easily identify the proportionate words within text document or website, which are weighted when compared to the potential possible document. Other than keyword density, this formula is well used for on-page optimization for increasing a website’s relevancy in search engines.

  • Even though it is mostly stated as TF IDF for index pages, there has not been any popular tool, which can identify relevant term vacancies of topics that you might be using. This information is designed to use for improving site relevance for some of the other terms, which the audiences use.
  • Some reputed websites are here to offer you with handy TF IDF Tool associated with the on-page based analysis and monitoring platform. It is mostly used for identifying more vacancies and combinations, which competitors are using but you are not.
  • By focusing on the terms related to main keywords, you get the chance to increase site content’s relevancy for the desired topic.

Visualizing site’s internal linking:

It is always mandatory to visualize site’s pages and links as the proper graph for facilitating analysis of the website’s internal linking. It can always prove to be doable but might take quite some effort from your side. This procedure is always in need of exporting URLs crawled and then processing the same with visualization tools.

  • This procedure has now been made easy with the help of “Visualizer” function from some of the reliable websites. It will not just allow users to generate internal link graph automatically of any site, but can also offer great functionalities to browse.
  • Through this service, you can further filter numbers and then show relationships of the links. It is further going to show the nodes or pages, which might follow some patterns.
  • This service can prove to be a lot useful for better understanding on how any site is going to be linked internally.
  • It will further talk about the cardinality of links and also for any of the “orphan pages” or areas of sites, which are not connected with the rest.

Procuring link popularity, all key optimization, organic and social traffic data:

It is rather time-consuming to gather data while focusing on the SEO audit. This data comprises of website’s technical optimization, link popularity, content, search engine ranking, and present organic search traffic. You can use the same service to obtain from multiple non-connected and different data sources, which were challenged to add later on.

  • With the help of URL Profiler, you can actually gather data now largely automatically. It will directly procure data by combining multiple other tools’ data.
  • For procuring the major SEO metrics for highest possible visibility pages of a site, you can always download “top pages” from the “search console” search analytics report.
  • You can import the services from Screaming Frog EO crawler in the current “list mode” and then crawl them.

Once crawlers, you can easily import the same to URL profiler with an option known as “import from screaming frog spider.” After that, you need to select added metrics, as procured for multiple pages.

Be sure to follow these major SEO metrics and activities, if you really want your business to grow. Unless you are highly confident of the steps, avoid using them. Make sure to ask experts for the best response and they will help you big time with the steps for sure.


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