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Did you ever think of trying your hand in using Instagram stories for business? In case, you haven’t then you should now. Yes, it is true that IG stories are creative and fun, but that’s not the end of their beauties. They are already proven to be great for growing the engagement routine and also perfect for building brand awareness. It is also quite suitable for driving traffic to the website and also for making the e-commerce sales so, are you ready to start with the IG stories which are otherwise new in this field? If not, then you might want to give it a try now.

Once online, you will come across the ultimate guide to the IG stories, which we can cover everything right from the strategies for creating IG stories for businesses to some of the tools and hacks you can use for creating some of your very own IG stories.

The reasons to use IG stories for business:

When IG stories hit the market last year in August, all everyone thought of was how IG clearly copied this feature from Snapchat. That is how the method was actually perceived. It was actually a thinly veiled attempt for stealing the market share of the Snapchat. Well, to some extent, this was true and it is also fairly one part view of the feature. IG stories are not a copy of the Snapchat, but mostly can be stated as a better version of it.

The best part is that IG stories are not just meant for the commoners but for business uses too. Like they always did with the video and photo sharing as mentioned in gramblast, IG has always managed to turn ephemeral messaging into this field of the amazing tool for the businesses without just ruining it for the consumers now.

Moreover, IG stories are one special channel, which can always and easily attract regular as well as business people easily. Moreover, it has features allotted for both. Whether you are planning to share some of the lighthearted and fun content, or just willing to promote any marketing campaign, these stories are perfect for you. Not only that, but you can use IG stories for driving e-commerce sales for businesses in no time.

Ways you can use IG stories for businesses:

If you are running a WordPress business, then you are really in need of IG help and support of the IG stories. You are not the only one in this field as WP is booming quite fast and fine these days. So, if you are actually trying to improve your scale around here then you might want to get along with the IG help by your side. True to the IG’s easy usable interface, creating a story on IG is rather simple. As IG has released multiple features for the IG stories within the past few months, it can be rather difficult to keep track of all. Well, just to get to the points, there are some ways for you to follow in terms of creating Instagram stories for your business.

  • First of all, you need to swipe right from the home screen or just tap the camera icon located at the top left corner of the screen. It will help in opening the IG camera.
  • For the next step, you have to take the picture by just tapping record button or can also take a video by pressing down that same button for maximum 10 seconds. You further have the option of taking live, type, super zoom, boomerang, hands-free or rewind video.
  • There are some other buttons available for your use. You have the photo for selecting the most recent photo or video. You have Thunderbolt or also often known as Flash button. Thirdly, you have arrows, which can help in switching from front-facing camera to back facing one and vice versa. Lastly, you have the smiley face for the IG’s face filters features.
  • If you want, you can further upload any photo or video previously taken from the camera roll. For that, you just have to swipe it either up or down. In case you select the photo from more than 24 hours ago, then a date sticker will appear automatically with the day, month and even year of when the picture was taken. If you want, you can remove the sticker by just dragging to trash icon at bottom of the screen.
  • Now, you can tap anywhere on the screen to bring you to the next tool. You can always play with the text color and size along with the “@” sign for tagging any other account. If you want, you can even add the “#” button for sharing a hashtag. It is the latest ability launched by IG for sharing stories by hashtags and location. It means, even if no one is following you still they can see your work.
  • You have three of pen styles to choose from for doodling on your post. If you don’t like, you can erase the drawing before you add to the story, with the help of eraser brusher.
  • If you want, you have the right to add stickers by selecting the sticker button in the top right corner of the screen or just by swiping up a story. Some of the other ones include location sticker, hashtag sticker, mention one, poll or selfies sticker, emoji slider and even question slider.
  • For adding filters, you just have to swipe either left or right. Once you are done with the changes you have made, tap the “next” button for sharing the post!

Once you are through, your story will appear right at the top of the followers’ feeds and it will also be made visible on the profile page by just tapping the profile picture. The methods are super simple and meant for people like you, willing to expand their business using social media as the major key. These super easy and free tools will gladly help in enriching the value of your business even better.

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