Service of Southern Bank has improved more. Southern Bank offers a variety of services to make your banking experience as easy as possible. Our Online Banking feature makes managing your money more simple than ever before! We also provide investment and brokerage services, which are designed to help you manage your finances in the most efficient way. With the rest of your life busy and hectic, you should know you can count on a bank to not add to your stresses. At Southern Bank, you can count on us to serve your banking needs. Get with Southern; you will quickly discover how easy banking can be. Learn more about our services:

Service of Southern Bank

Service of Southern Bank are below:

  •     Online Banking
  •     Mobile Banking
  •     BankMiles
  •     Cashiers Checks
  •     Investment & Brokerage Services
  •     ATM/Visa Check Card
  •     Cell Phone Protection
  •     Wire Transfers
  •     Safe Deposit Boxes

From this article, you will be informed about all service of  Southern Bank .

Personal Savings

When you open a Savings account with Southern Bank, you are making a great investment. Our Personal Savings offer the best benefits; from Christmas Club to Money Market Savings to Individual Retirement Accounts, Southern Bank has it all. When it comes to saving, we know what’s important. We work to offer you the best savings options, because you’re important to us. Take a look at what Southern Bank Personal Savings Accounts can offer you today:

  1. Regular Savings
  2. Christmas Club
  3. IRAs
  4. TIMMS
  5. PIMMS

Regular Savings

Perfect for those just starting to save, you can open a Regular Savings account with a low initial deposit. Interest is compounded daily and credited to your account monthly. Use your Visa Check Card or ATM card to make deposits, withdrawals or transfers.

Federal regulations impose certain withdrawal limitations on Regular Savings Accounts. You are not permitted to make more than six (6) preauthorized transfers, automatic or telephonic transfers, or withdrawals from a Regular Savings Account per statement period. “Telephonic” transfers or withdrawals include those made through an automated phone system, an online banking service, or personal computer. No more than three (3) of the six (6) preauthorized transfers may be made by check, draft, debit card, or similar order payable to a third party. There is an additional charge for excessive transfers or withdrawals. You may make unlimited withdrawals or transfers in person or through an ATM (non-Southern Bank ATM fees will apply). We are required by law to close or change your account if you repeatedly exceed these limits.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

Individual Retirement Accounts are a great way to start saving for your future. Southern Bank has a great selection of tax-deferred IRA investments to suit your needs. Select from:

Traditional IRAs

These investments have been popular with many Americans for years. In many cases, the contributions are tax deductible and the earnings are tax-deferred until retirement.

Roth IRAs

The earnings are Tax-Free, as opposed to tax-deferred at retirement, while contributions are made with after tax dollars.


Simplified Employee Pensions allow greater flexibility and higher contribution limits than IRAs. Self-employed individuals and small business owners prefer SEPs.

Coverdell Education Savings Account

This savings account allows you to contribute up to $2,000 per child per year for use with secondary and post secondary educational expenses. Contributions are after-tax, and earnings are Tax-Free.


Savings Incentive Match Plans for Employers are salary deferral plans that allow businesses to make matching contributions to their employees’ accounts. SIMPLE accounts are specifically designed for small businesses.

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Online Banking with Unlimited Bill Pay

Learn More About Online BankingLearn More About Online Bill PayLearn More About e-Statements
Now, Personal Online Banking with unlimited Bill Pay is an even greater value for managing your finances. Enjoy the control and convenience offered by online bill pay for no additional fee. Get started today. Once you start we don’t think you’ll ever go back to writing checks to pay your bills.

Bill Pay Advantages

  •     It’s Easy
  •     It’s Fast
  •     No stamps to buy
  •     No checks to write
  •     You can elect to receive e-bills

You can choose to make a one-time payment, schedule bill payments in advance, or make recurring payments

  •     View/print your bill-pay history
  •     Pay your bills at your convenience
  •     What you need for Free Bill Pay:

A personal checking account and a ATM/Visa Check Card with Southern Bank
Personal Online Banking through any computer with internet access. ask your questions about online banking If you have any question.

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