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Colombian Family Members: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" class="broken_link"></a> Understanding Principles and Practices. Alejandra Toro

Colombians, like the majority of Latin People in the us, fit in with a society of collectivism, where anything moves around household, community, friends, and groups of people. If you find yourself submerged in this manner of residing, it might probably strike you like another or very “dependent” one. More if you come from the U.S. or a lot of region in west European countries. This is exactly the basics of recognize how families works in Colombia, its deep meaning, and its own connection to the remainder culture.

What’s group?

Group in Colombia are a lot more than it might seem. Extensive household members like an aunt, uncle, or relative are occasionally as close because nuclear parents. As with several other countries, Colombian nuclear individuals can be made up of different members: not necessarily the traditional type a dad, mom, and toddlers. Additionally it is usual to get lifted by grand-parents, uncles or godfathers. Either way, there are plenty of characteristics that a lot of Colombian groups display.

1st, there is certainly a stronger feeling of hookup between members. Nearest and dearest are very close to each other and maybe grew up collectively, though they have been remote family relations. Colombian individuals often express her admiration and feeling of looking after their family, that is one of the most crucial pillars in people’s schedules.

It is common for groups to manage the elderly and accept their grandparents. They have been a significant part of culture that’s incorporated into day-to-day routines and sunday methods. Parents furthermore desire their particular kids to look after all of them once they age.

Coping with Family

When compared with many other cultures, Colombian teenagers often live with her mothers for far more time than average. When likely to college, lots of teenagers must move to another city to review. However, a lot of people in Colombia prefer to nevertheless live with their own parents and commute for their university.

Also, parents anticipate their unique youngsters to remain together and would never “kick all of them completely” at years 18, because might be the case various other societies. Here in Colombia, you might be a kid unless you is 30 – that’s the reality and individuals is ok using this custom. Without a doubt, if this is the situation, it is additionally because “kids” delight in living with their unique mothers for a long period. Read more about it and various other interesting Colombian information here.

Sunday: Parents Time

Sundays for Colombians were “family days,” this means folks may turn your all the way down for methods on Sundays simply because they will invest this time through its members of the family. If you wish to know very well what a typical Sunday appears like for the majority of family, it provides having morning meal, meal and/or food collectively. Family members take pleasure in getting this whole day to catch up and manage an activity with each other, like viewing a motion picture, visiting the playground, venturing out to a cafe or restaurant, playing common Colombian video games, etc.

For most more groups, addititionally there is the sacred “frijolada” or “chocolatada.” The most important you’re usually a huge meal (with beans) hosted during the grandparents’ home, where all the lengthy family gets with each other, eats, and grabs right up. For second one, someone gather inside day, around 4-5 pm, and take in hot chocolate with many breads and cheeses. Colombians usually get together around homemade snacks, tunes, and products.

Should anyone ever get asked to a single among these reunions, you are going to feel a member of family from the start, never like an outsider. Colombians have actually a special strategy to cause you to feel integrated. Manage expect plenty bodily communications, hugs, kisses, a lot of meals, audio, and laughter. Small idea: you’ll supplement anyone on their cooking in addition to their home, but avoid stereotypical or controversial issues, like pills.

Catholicism and patriarchy

Colombian groups were established on Catholicism. What this means is there are some stereotypical family members parts, like the cleaning are assigned to lady and specialist try to men. Also, you can find social challenges for individuals to stay a committed commitment and acquire wedded younger. But groups are also very varied and liberal in Colombia and you can select a little bit of every little thing. Definitely, Colombian customs try advancing and evolving day-after-day.


It might feeling overwhelming in the beginning, but household lives has many important factors which can give you pleasure, such as distance and experience enjoyed, heard, and understood. Try to escape their rut and embrace Colombian family and you will observe how much fun it may be, specially around vacations, like Christmas. The only risk here is ingesting and chuckling in excess.

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