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In the trip, Hina reveals this lady query enjoy and this shocked the whole classification from the how good Hina is at browse

2-3 weeks later, following culprit of the peeping event is actually shown to-be Licht and the classification receives a punishment, the category A is still doing its punishment because of Licht keep peeping your ex bath. As a result of this, Alan stated he’ll provide them with an excellent “prize” for undertaking its discipline informal, which in the near future found to get Tree Endurance trip. In the event that girl watching a bunny dining carrot, Hina plans to seem you to bunny with her blade too, though it is stopped by Tokikaze on eleventh hour just before she murdered you to definitely rabbit. Immediately following Schmelman looked and you will advised the course A people in order to variations the “Non-Eliminating Military”, both Hina and you can Lyne mentioned that Schmelman is actually a sort person, in the event Jail discovered him suspicious.

Following the Tree Emergency travel has ended, Category A’s education is actually finally become. Schmelman reported that he wouldn’t instruct them as difficult as Alan performed. Hina are told by Schmelman becoming a battle medicl, ideal their to understand medical stuffs and how to use weapon at handle. During the education, Hina and also the anyone else found why Abandonment Conflict occurred to start with in the other people. Jail simply ask yourself what is the objective Nana introduced her or him back once again to during the last and ways to alter Licht’s earlier in the day.

Becoming learned what’s Alan seeking to teach them, Jail felt like that he would not alter Licht’s past and you may informed someone to complete the same as better

Just after Prison acquired the storage device away from young Nana, Hina and also the anyone else decided to go to the machine place and observe every one of Nana’s films. After they read the majority of Nana’s previous, Jail told Pele plus the anybody else which they would be to let Licht watch such video clips and kick him from the college or university having Nana’s benefit. As the Hina as well as the others was about to do that, these were every stuck by Alexandrov just who merely located something’s incorrect about the subject. Alexandrov request Jail plus the other people to reveals him Nana’s films very he may choose if he would keep them real time or perhaps not. Before he might observe her or him, Pele secretly removed the movies thus the guy wouldn’t learned its identity. Immediately after Jail is defeated of the Alan, he suggests their title in order to Alan and this amazed your as the he knew Nana made use of the girl ability to delivered someone back once again to the new earlier.

Throughout the the girl discussion that have Jail and the anyone else, she recommended the most practical method adjust Licht’s future was to not have your killing any some one, in order that he may still remain also Group A children without ditch them

Alan later on delivered Jail’s classification into the a citizens housing area for exercises her or him a training. When children asks Lyne to your items, she tried to gives a beneficial cookies to that son it is stopped by Alan, the guy informed her performing this one to son carry out wound up delivering themselves killed. With this specific, the guy told one to kid cannot promote delicacies in order to their mother and you will keep it in order to themselves as an alternative, nevertheless child cries and you can stated he wouldn’t ate people dinners up until their mother’s belly are complete. Adopting the citizens hop out the room, Alan asks Jail’s classification on which when they do whenever they don’t know tips replace the upcoming, he and advised her or him which they shouldn’t give it up getting back in this new instructor’s means, while he begins whining. The idea the guy desires appearing are that they cannot alter the coming, or else they removed themselves and you may residents out of Althea off life.

Month or two afterwards, due to the fact surgery getting flipping Licht into Yellow Baron have in the long run started, Hina continue taking into consideration the choice to alter Licht’s coming instead erasing residents off Althea. Prison thought that their plan might work thus he’ll employs the lady provider on avoid Licht so you can destroy some body after he getting brand new Baron. In the future, the latest helicopters regarding Un Push abruptly appeared in the college which have a surprise assault, which the Abandonment Battle starts. With this specific situation, Alan told folks so you’re able to covering up within the university. Given that opponents nevertheless launch their symptoms, Alan offered the telephone to Prison and you may informed him so you can guild the course A to go out of, as he create looking to his far better holding this new opposition straight back. Due to the fact Category A trying escape, Prison asks Firenda in which is the get-off but she mentioned this new entrances has recently blocked because of Us Force’s attack earlier. She together with reported that in the event it remain, Licht have a tendency to perish out of injecting continuously Schmelman’s genetics. Firenda told Hina and also the other people that they need to turn on the duplicate electronic option to save Licht. With this, Hina along with his group visited rescue Licht by the stimulate the fresh new duplicate electronic option. When Alan are nearly slain by the foes, he was stored of the Jail’s group, exactly who just returned regarding triggered the latest duplicate electric button.

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