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Just after winning contests in the middle understanding, Sejin asks if the Youngmin is certian household too

This new girlfriend need certainly to think of Youngmin as a complete idiot in the event that she informed your something such as you to, pregnant him in order to forgive the lady. Later on meeting up with Youngmin, and you may questioning as to the reasons the guy enjoys disregarding their texts, Sejin motions in order to if something a beneficial took place as to the reasons he are caught so happily where he looked awesome down has just. Thrilled to be talking with Junghye inside a group venture, Sejin believes eg assignments are fantastic, he extends to get along with somebody he has got not really spoken to. Reading Youngmin’s pal is on its way more than Sejin reactions however, he does have no family members except that himing across Jungwoo and you will inquiring who he’s, Sejin reports he have to be Youngmin’s pal.

Examining if he is his buddy, Sejin statements Jungwoo seems more mature, after which if or not he has a spouse in the event the they are whom Youngmin discussed earlier. Sejin believes Jungwoo ‘s the pal who had a spouse cheating into your through getting intoxicated and you will asleep having another person. Patting his shoulder and telling him so you’re able to cheer-up, with Jungwoo confused Sejin thinks he shouldn’t has actually verbal so you’re able to your however, elaborates regarding how Youngmin told you Jungwoo’s spouse got drunk and you may slept which have other people. Obvious they didn’t badmouth Jungwoo’s going girlfriend, Sejin attempts to mitigate people implications he seems are about so you can appear and you will requires which he please imagine which he didn’t say all of that in which he is indeed sorry. Sejin believes Jungwoo’s eyes try scary, and you can can you imagine he’s got a fight with Youngmin because of him.

Jungwoo’s Classification Affiliate [ ]

Inside classification that have Jungwoo she informs your they can still listen to him as he whispering to the cell phone. Beside your to have a team investment she tells your to avoid appearing like he or she is browsing pretend to go to the new bathroom and hightail it alternatively, upcoming adds he very do not go very early now, not if the the guy gives them money. Irrespective she with other category people are happy to just accept an offering of cash. Afterwards she statements even though Jungwoo is bypassing kinds he however have to do group work, next requires whether or not Youngmin is the child Jungwoo was matchmaking that have seen an image of your. With Jungwoo that have straightened their tresses she claims he will not feel like himself. Great having him leaving she feels he assists by the maybe not performing something, along with he however allows them have fun with his home for them to work with their task.

Competitive Guy [ ]

Shortly after taking walks towards the Youngmin he criticized him having noticed rumors he is taking part in enjokousai. Whether or not it are good gullible determination to just accept such as for instance suggestions while the true, nevertheless he food Youngmin improperly for it. He has strike Youngmin more often than once and won’t pay attention as to the he’s stating. Taken ahold away from of the Jungwoo, and and when he is one other man he believes it is recommended to help you matter if they have zero shame and you may how would the guy do that so you’re able to his children. He then chooses to phone call Jungwoo a vintage kid. Shortly after getting punched himself multiple times, and you will questioned in the event that Jungwoo looks like a classic man the guy denies it. Saying this is because their eyesight is actually bad, they are disappointed.

Abandoned Kid [ ]

Within big date when Youngmin did from inside the a convenience store that it son joined and you will broke a bottle before brandishing it in the him. He demanded Youngmin bring him alcoholic beverages. Such as for example an operate triggered Jungwoo which approved by your to help you intervene and therefore offer your near to Youngmin. For his tips he was arrested.

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