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  • Actually depends on you and your use of PlayStation and Xbox subscription. if you want to use for long time then I think you should buy early package. because it will save your money. but if you want to use this for short time then you should buy monthly package
    I think yearly package is better than monthly package.

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  • Brong Asked on April 21, 2018 in Programming.

    HTML is the short form of Hyper Text Markup Language, it’s a system of tags to prettify plain text to make a web site, with links images and text. But web sites use other languages like java. Because java is a programming language, html is a markup language.

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  • What is call tracking?
    Call Tracking is a system that comprises of measurement of the value of inbound calls driven by their marketing efforts which enables companies to instantly and cheaply provision local or toll-free phone numbers, then associate those numbers with ads, web pages, search keywords or any effort.

    Call Tracking Software helps to grow business in various ways:

    1. valuable data that you need to make decisions. **So there will not be risk of losing important data and informations.

    -Important data that call tracking provides:

    1. Number of calls
    2. Number of NEW calls
    3. Call duration
    4. Call location
    5. Landing page performance
    6. Cost of your results

    If you are working with inbound calls, Ringba gives you the call tracking services you need to manage your business and make more money from your phone calls, including : * Number Management – Create and manage local and toll-free phone numbers in countries all over the world.

    Call Analytics – Detailed and granular analytics about your calls.

    Call Routing – Build dynamic routing plans for forwarding calls to targets.

    Call Recording – Listen to call recordings to better understand your callers.

    Reporting – View reports and optimize your campaigns with actionable insights

    I hope this helps you!

    NB: This answer is written by  yunoyona  He has write here.

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  • follow this steps to Using Twitter for Ecommerce Marketing

    1.Raise Interest Before Promoting Sales
    2.Before Launching the Effort, Know Your Baseline
    3.Understand Your Network
    4.Reach Users Outside Your Network
    5.Intrigue Your Followers; Don’t Give Them Everything
    6. Always look for new followers
    7. Let your brand become more personal. Let it looks like a person, not an advertising platform.
    8. Spend time communicating with followers, not just publishing content
    9. Use catchy hashtags for advertising campaigns
    10. Insert bright images into messages so that they are more often shared
    11. Monitor the keywords, and respond to comments and mentions

    To your success.

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  • 1. Describe your past experience in affiliate marketing.
    Explain you history in affiliate marketing, if you are brand new and just starting out.

    Say you have none, if you have none.

    2. How do you currently promote offers?
    If you are new say you don’t currently promote anything.

    3. What offer(s) are you looking for?
    Diet, Biz-Opp, Coupons, Gaming, ect… share your top niches.

    To Your Success!

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  • In Bengali, the meaning of the word “Beautiful” is  given below- thanks for your questions –

    সুন্দর – beautiful, pretty, fine, polished, fairy, fair

    চমত্কার – pretty, fantastic, excellent, gorgeous, superb, spanking

    উত্তম – better, best, fine, excellent, beautiful, delicious

    সুদৃশ্য – lovely, beautiful

    অত্যন্ত সুন্দর – beautiful, celestial

    চারু – charming, beautiful, fine, pleasant, polite

    উত্কৃষ্ট – classy, nailing, elevated, excellent, humane, beautiful

    রম্য – delightful, beautiful

    সুশ্রী – comely, handsome, beautiful

    রমণীয় – delightful, beautiful, kind, kindly

    সসুন্দর  – beautiful, sheen

    মঁজু – beautiful, graceful, pleasant

    সুকুমার – tender, beautiful, graceful

    রুপবান্ – handsome, beautiful

    সুতনু – graceful, handsome, beautiful

    ঠাম – chic, beautiful, elegant, good-looking

    সুরূপ – personable, handsome, beautiful

    ললিত – suave, bijou, beautiful, pleasant

    সুঠাম  beautiful, well-shaped

    কম্র – desirous, lustful, desirable, attractive, charming, beautiful

    অভিরাম – entertaining, pleasing, pleasant, beautiful, handsome

    অনিন্দিত – beautiful

    উষসী – beautiful

    শ্রেষ্ঠ – best, greatest, ideal, picked, grand, chief

    মনোহর – charming, alluring, engrossing, attractive, catching, beautiful

    সৌম্য – majestic, beautiful

    সৌষ্ঠবপূর্ণ – beautiful, elegant

    সুশোভন – colorful, adorned, beautiful, colourful

    শোভাময় – graceful, beautiful

    শোভন – decent, polished, fitting, graceful, beautiful, lovely

    সর্বোত্তম – best, classic, foremost, beautiful


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  • Brong Asked on February 12, 2018 in Law & Ethics.

    No, actually it depends on the condition or situation. when traffic police will show that you are carrying a seriously injured people  then traffic police will help you to go fast to the hospital.
    He will not ask for your driving licence in this situation.

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  • Brong Asked on February 11, 2018 in Law & Ethics.

    Of course a person should  get in trouble for driving to emergency room if he / she drive without a license during an emergency if he or she has no way to call 911.

    Because you are violating the rules of traffic.

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  • Brong Asked on February 10, 2018 in Mathematic.

    Five peoples do a task in ten days,then how much peoples do that task in five days?

    • 10 days is needed for 5 people
    • 1 day is needed for 50 people
    • 5 day is needed for 10 people

    Ans : 10 people.


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  • There is a far difference between these two. Data analysts are supposed to perform analysis or generating insights from data. Analysis can be descriptive or predictive. SAS/Excel/SQL/R are most widely used softwares in analytics industry.

    SAS Programmer – More focus is there on programming in SAS (very clear from the title). Generally happens when the statistical part is well defined, or needs a rework.

    Data Analyst – More inclined towards generating insights from the data, querying and preparing reports, and can also involve a bit of machine learning. This also requires programming in R/Python/SAS , however its not just programming.

    This example may clarify  you:  For example, Suppose you are a bank officer. You are asked to work on a customer attrition problem. By ‘customer attrition’, i mean customers leaving the bank. You have three years historical data for customer attrition.  SAS Programmer would write a SAS program to compute average customer attrition for different bank products and present it to the higher management. He would automate the process so that the same task would be performed very quickly in future.

    Whereas data analyst would write a SAS program to calculate the attrition for different products and would also see whether there is any trend in the attrition numbers.

    As as an example, whether or not the attrition variety increased or decreased. that square measure the merchandise whereby attrition variety increased? And that square measure the merchandise the quantity declined. He would even be interested to visualize the profile of attritors (who left the bank). whether or not the attritors square measure high worth customers or middle /low worth customers. good analyst would take it to consecutive level and would develop a prophetical model for client attrition. He would establish the patterns of client attrition and would develop a system to cut back client attrition. however regarding automation? good analysts additionally write macros to change the repetitive task.

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