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  • Thanks for your questions, Here are some famous peoples birthday quotes which you may like.

    “And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”- Abraham Lincoln

    “Born on Monday,Fair in face; Born on Tuesday,Full of God’s grace; Born on Wednesday, Sour and sad; Born on Thursday, Merry and glad; Born on Friday, Worthily given; Born on Saturday, Work hard for your living;
    Born on Sunday, You will never know want.” – Anonymous

    What could be more beautiful than a dear old lady growing wise with age? Every age can be enchanting, provided you live within it. – Brigitte Bardot

    If you survive long enough, you’re revered – rather like an old building. – Katherine Hepburn

    “Your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of ‘you’ to the world.” – Anonymous

    “Believing hear, what you deserve to hear:
    Your birthday as my own to me is dear…
    But yours gives most; for mine did only lend
    Me to the world; yours gave to me a friend.”- Martial

    Get more Most popular birthday wishes quotes from here. 

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  • Brong Asked on August 2, 2018 in Software.

    Orpiv Technologies is one-stop solution for all information technology (IT) business problems based in India. We provides diverse range of services, such as website development services, data entry, digital design, graphic design business, responsive web design, SEO, eCommerce and other IT-related solutions.

    There mission is to help and facilitate the existing as well as up-coming business ideass for a better tomorrow. Either in development services or making strategies we follow our approach – From development to delivery of project, we give an effective consultation to our clients, that helps them to grow and flourish at such a competitive time.

    We are the best consultants who can give you the best possible solutions and alternatives to make an impact. We emphasis more on discussions rather than popping out solutions instantly.

    Thanks for the questions.

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  • Brong Asked on May 23, 2018 in Make money online.

    I have join in Cryptotab and try to active my browser more than 12 hours a day but my earning is not increasing as I aspect.
    now what can I do?

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  • Please try to follow this instruction:

    1) Be Honest here. If you are complete newbie, explain what you intend to do.

    2) Instead of answering how do you promote offers, rather answer the question how do you intend to promote offers, again be honest. ex PPV traffic, facebook, POF, etc..

    3) What do you think you will be promoting. Dating Offers, Email Submits, Loan type offers. Again answer what you intend to promote once accepted into network.

    – In addition to this. Call your affiliate manager after you submit your application. Introduce yourself, and let them know you are excited to work with them and start promoting some of there offers right away. This will show that you are serious and a go getter. Doing these things will certainly increase your chances of being accepted. Hope this helps!

    To Your Success!

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  • Brong Asked on January 7, 2018 in Electronics.

    How to use Google on Roku?

    Watch Google Play Movies & TV on Roku

    You can enjoy easily Google Play movies and TV shows on your Roku device. in this tutorial I will show you how to use Google on Roku. 1st you need to setup.
    To set it up for Google Play access, you’ll need a computer or mobile device connected to the Internet. You’ll have to provide a payment method during setup, but you won’t be charged until you order a movie or show.

    Google Play Movies & TV is available on Roku in the following countries:
    Canada, Germany, Ireland, United States, United Kingdom.

    Note: For setting up or troubleshooting your Roku device, go to the Roku support site. Google Play Movies & TV works with all Roku models device currently being sold.

    let’s see, how to Set up Play Movies & TV on Roku?

    To start watching Google Play Movies & TV on Roku device, you need to do this:

    1. go to Channel Store and search for “Google Play Movies & TV.”  from your Roku device, 
    2. Select the Google Play Movies & TV app Play Movies and then Add Channel which you like. 
    3. Now select Go to channel and then Sign in.
    4. Go to play.google.com/roku. You may need to sign in from your computer or mobile device, .
    5. Now enter the code shown on your Roku screen and select Continue.
    6. Review the permissions screen.
    7. Confirm or add a payment method by following the instructions on your web browser.
    8. Follow the on-screen instructions to set your Google PIN.
    9. Return to your Roku to search for and watch videos.


    Special Notes:

    1. You can watch trailers on the Play Movies & TV app for Roku device at anytime, but you will need to sign in to your Google account to purchase or rent videos.
    2. Google PIN is separate from the PIN associated with your Roku device. If you forget your Google PIN, you can reset your Google PIN when signed in from the Google account associated with your Roku device. Remember that your Google PIN is used for all Google products associated with your Google account.
    3. Your Roku is included in your device limit for watching downloaded or rented videos.

    For more information, go to Watch movies & TV offline.


    If you need to Change the Google account you’re using on your Roku Device:

    You can be signed in to only one Google Play Movies account at a time on Roku. If you want to switch accounts, you’ll need to register your device again. To switch to a different Play Movies account:

    1. Open the Play Movies & TV app Play Movies. from your Roku device.
    2. Select Settings and then Sign out and then Sign in.
    3. Go to play.google.com/roku. You may need to sign in from your computer or mobile device.
    4. Follow the remaining instructions listed above.


    Hope you have got your answer. thanks you.

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  • Brong Asked on October 10, 2017 in Life Style.

    There are tons of places in Delhi, depends on where you stay. I live in Vasant kunj, the one I go to is in Vasant vihar market and he has good collection at very good prices.

    To buy cheapest spectacles, you can go to Ballimaran, Chandni chowk. However, quality of the product cannot be ensured. They people sell Crizal lens in 1000 rs but you have to do the bargain.

    East or west Ballimaran Bazar, Chandani Chowk, Delhi is the best for eye wear.

    You can buy your Sunglass from your home from here. Here you will get world’s best sunglass.

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  • Sunglasses are very necessary for India specially during summer months when ever you go out. It will help you to protect your eyes from heat, dust and UV rays. Rather than all these purposes most of them wear it as a style accessory. The leading brands of Sunglasses in India are –
    Ray Ban, Fastrack, Polaroid, CK Jeans, Flying Machine, Van Heusen, Gucci, Lacoste, Vogue and Oakley.
    These models are the best selling in India and loved by men and women.

    Fastrack is quite cheap as compared to others, being an Indian Brand, as it is owned by Tata.

    You can also find World’s more popular Sunglasses Brands Sunglass from here.

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  • Brong Asked on October 7, 2017 in Home Utility.

    Yes, of course need decoration pieces for your homes decoration, Because you can not decorate your home properly without decoration pieces.

    This answer accepted by noreenkhalid586. on October 9, 2017 Earned 5 points.

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  • Brong Asked on July 29, 2017 in Cloth.

    Great questions. Actually, it depends on your area (I mean local environment) personality, poor or reaches, religious value and mentality.

    I’m trying to explain the details:
    I have said, shopping bridal dress depends on poor or reaches why?
    A poor mans have wished to buy a luxury dress for his wife or for himself but he has no capacity to buy.

    I have said, shopping bridal dress depends on your area (I mean local environment) personality, religious value and mentality.  As for example, A reach man of  Asudi Arob’s dress and A reach man of  US’s dress is not same. Because a person of Asudi Arob’s mentality environment, religion, colour, is not same as the people of US or UK. For this, their bridal dress is not same even in thinking.

    I have also noticed that love expressions, sexual activities and marriage systems are not same. In  USA, Love, Free mixing, is not a problem but in Saudi Arab, This kind of activities are strongly prohibited.

    There are many areas where people take preparation for marriage more than 12 months ago and In some areas, people take preparation from 1 month ago. they buy their bridal dress 2 or 3 days ago of their marriage.

    By regarding this, I think, You should start shopping for your bridal dress when your mind says. there is no schedule for buying a bridal dress. You can take help of your friend for choosing your dress. But, Now a days, It is very easy to choose dress without going a shop. you can choose your dress from your home by sitting on your computer or laptop form website.
    Amazon.com is a famous website address from where you can choose and buy your bridal dress.  Click here to choose and buy your Bridal Dress

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  • Hi, thanks for your good questions. Link World is very good quality social bookmarking website. Here are 4 websites where you can create a do-follow backlink.


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