Android (operating system): Is iOS better than Android and Windows Phone?

I’m a new user of Android phone. I don’t know anything about this Android and Windows Phone. So I need to know about this in details. Please, some one help me.

Android (operating system): Is iOS better than Android and Windows Phone?

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    Thanks for your questions. I think this questions ” Android (operating system): Is iOS better than Android and Windows Phone? “ is very important for all like yours.Here I’m trying to give your answers in brief.

    There is no clear cut answer as to which OS is better. A lot of factors come into play–your own taste and needs are very important here.

    In general, Android offers a much more versatile, customizable experience. Homescreens are virtually infinitely customizable, and any task you can think of can be automated via Tasker (which, arguably, unlocks the true power of Android). Flawless and deep integration with Google is another plus (no pun intended!), and this element of Android is indispensable for those that rely on Google for their email/calendar/navigation needs. Android is what enables you to have dual-screen phones like the YotaPhone 2; its principles are “freedom” based.

    iOS, on the other hand, still resonantes with UX elegance. Apps are almost always better optimized for iOS (the fact that developers seem to prefer iOS is a major determinant of this fact), and the “occasional lag/hiccup” associated with Android is almost non-existent in iOS. That being said, the philosophy of iOS is, in some ways, the exact opposite of Android’s. You can’t download a random file off the internet and use your file explorer to open it, for instance (notwithstanding jailbraking). There are no fancy widgets on your home screen, and even installing a custom ringtone requires a bit of work. Even still, if you are invested in Apple’s ecosystem, the integration is great. Handoffs, for example, is brilliant in real world use. The iPhone 6+ has a great battery life, and, in comparison to Android phones, it’s almost shocking that iOS runs (currently) on just 1GB of RAM (and by “runs,” I mean that it flies. Most of the time).

    There are pros and cons–no real answer. The iPhone was crowned the phone with the best camera for a while, but the S6 and G4 have seriously threatened that position.

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    Brong Answered on June 9, 2017.
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