Can any one clear about Classification System of Biology?

I have read classification of biology but all book’s classification is not same. So I want to conclusion. Please only specialist answer me.

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Classification System of Biology To know the Biology classification System is very important for every science student for better understanding the subject. About four million of different plant species and thirteen million of animal species have been named and described till today. The number is not yet final because the description of more and more new species is being added to it almost every day. It is assumed that the number will reach a crore in future when the description of all the organisms will be ended. A large number of organisms are needed to be grouped systematically for the convenience to know, understand and learn them. Many years back natural scientists felt the necessity to classify living world following a natural system. From this very necessity, a distinct branch of biology, taxonomy had emerged. The aim of classification is only one to know the vast and diverse living world accurately and classify them with little effort in a short period of time. The contribution of Swedish botanist, physician and zoologist Carolus Linnaeus (1707-1778) in the field of taxonomy is more worth mentioning

Based on the observations of size, structure and characteristic, plants and animals are named. On the basis of each other’s similarity and dissimilarity, grouping organisms is called classification.

Aim of Biology Classification System.
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