Describe in short the speech given by Hazrat Muhammad (SM) at the Farewell Hajj.

Describe in short the speech given by Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) at the Farewell Hajj.

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The Farewell Hajj:

Prophet (Sm) expressed his desire to perform the hajj in 10th Hizri. This was the last time he performed the Hajj. He did not live long enough to perform another. That is why it is called “the Farewell Hajj”. Prophet (Sm) along with more than 100,000 of his disciples performed the hajj. He delivered a touching speech to the people present at the field of Arafat. Standing on ‘Jabale Rahmat”(The Hill of Mercy). This speech is famous in Islamic history as the “Speech of Farewell Hajj”. Our prophet offered many pieces of valuable advice in this speech such as:

  1. All Muslims are brothers to each other.
  2.  As this day, this month, this place is holy, so are the lives, properties and privacy, honour (Izzat) of each other among you.
  3.  Behave kindly with your subordinates. Feed them and dress them up as you yourselves do.
  4.  Don’t punish a person for the offence of another person.
  5.  Payback all your debts. All kinds of Usury are forbidden. All interest due are nullified from today.
  6.  As Men have rights over their women and similarly women have rights over their men too.
  7.  All kinds of killing to take revenge and superstition of the “Jahileyat era” have been revoked.
  8.  Don’t violate the trust put in you in matters of money, responsibility or any other objects. Refrain from committing sins. Remember we all have to return to Allah and give account of our doings.
  9.  I am leaving behind to you word of Allah and the ideal of his Rasul (Sm). As long as you cling to them, you won’t be misguided.

He gave many such inspiring pieces of advices to his followers. After that our prophet looked up to the sky and said, “0 Allah! Have I been able to transmit your message properly to mankind?”

The multitude of hundred thousand present replied “yes, Of course!” Our prophet stated, “0 Allah! You be my witness”.
Then was revealed the verse.” Today, I have perfected your Deen (Religion) for you and have chosen for you Islam as your religion” – . Sura Al Maida, ayat# 3.

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