Do triple-weave fabric curtains have maximum block-out capabilities?

They’re quite popular these days, and they look good, but are they also effective in blocking out light?


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Triple-weave fabric curtains are indeed a popular choice among homeowners. One of their popularity is the luxurious look and feel of the triple-weave curtain, which hangs beautifully and elegantly. Another reason why it’s a top pick is because of its structure. It’s called triple-weave because a block-out layer is woven in the middle of the curtain. That said, the triple-weave fabric curtain does not have the highest block-out capabilities. It’s probably above the standard light-filtering category but below the block-out curtain category. That means this is the ideal curtain for you if you’re not really looking for maximum blockage but just enough for some light filtering. Another advantage of a triple-weave fabric curtain is easy to maintain. It’s machine-washable, and it’s anti-fungal or mold-resistant. 

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