Earning through Google AdSense by self clicking is it legal or illegal / Halal or Haram?

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Thanks for this valuable question. Recently I have seen that most of the people are increase their earning from Google AdSense by self clicking. Today I shall discuss about this thing by regarding your question. If you read this my answer very carefully then hope you will be clear about this topic from my answer.

If someone is click on his own websites ads or encourage someone to click on his/her website’s Google AdSense add , then this type of add clicking is called invalid clicks. and google does not allow such type of clicking.

Now question is,  if someone is earning through invalid clicks then his earnings are halal or haram?
In simple words we can say  it is 100% Haram earning…  it’s not allowed in by all even in Islam.

Now let me explain,  For a moment just think, Suppose you have a mobile phone company Named “Nokia” That means you are the owner of Nokia Mobile Company. For selling your mobile and familiar your brand with the people, you need a lot of visitors for your companies website. for this purpose you have an agreement with google that you will pay an amount for each visitors visit to their website by clicking on your brand’s website’s add “Nokia google ad”. So You need that customer who are interested to buy or interested to know about Nokia, your product or brand. If that kind of people come from a website then your requirement will be fulfill.

But if a user have no interest with NOKIA brand or product, that means he does not want to buy or interested to know about Nokia, your product or brand  but he is just clicking on a ads only for income…
If it happens, then your product will not sold and your brand will not improve, But your Advertising cost will gone….
Then think once…….. What will you?

So Dear friend, in this case the website owner will get the earning through fake click. then In fact we are bluffing with not only Nokia but  also google…  so this kind of earning is haram in islam. Please avoid it.

However, if the click is totally genuine that means if a real user click on ads by  which really the advertisers wanted… and earning through that click will be halal.


Brong Answered on December 5, 2017.
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