Got any tips for a lawyer looking to build a business website?

    lawyer looking to build a business website

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      I don’t know much about lawyer websites specifically, but there are many things I’ve seen professionals get wrong when building their website. Most mistakes have to do with poorly implemented art and design aspects, where the two don’t align with the message the site is supposed to be transmitting. The result is web pages that look pretty from afar but are confusing to navigate and create the wrong audience expectations.

      Therefore, my tip for you is simple: hire an expert. Even if you know how to build a website, you should hire someone with experience not only with websites, but with building websites for professionals in your field.

      An expert will know — or at least should know — how to balance the artistic and technical elements of building a killer website while aligning the final product with your vision and the needs of your target audience.

      Since you are a lawyer, you’ll want to work with web designers who have built dozens of lawyer websites before. They’ll have the nuances of the process down to a fine art. Companies that specialize in managing attorneys, like Elite Lawyer Management, can help you through the website building process.

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