H1B Visa requirements for Graphics Designer?

Hi, I am a graphics designer of Bangladesh. I am a student of Bachelor of Business Administration and doing a part time job for an American company. Now they want to hire me as a full time employee just after finishing my bachelor degree. Now I need to know some information about this matter. Can any expert help me to provide some information about H1B visa requirements?

As far as I know it requires my company to sponsor me. That’s not a problem. I am not sure about employee’s requirement. Does it ok if I have a degree on Bachelor of Business Administration? Now my question is will it work?

My work is actually designing high quality custom web pages and logo and some other things related to web designing. That doesn’t actually require a educational degree to do. My company hired me just because of my design skill that perfectly matches their requirement.

Help me guys. I need some information. Thanks!

Default Asked on March 7, 2017 in Graphic Design.
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