Hanging boxing bag vs free-standing boxing bag; which is right for me?

    I know that traditional boxing bags are the most common, but what other types of boxing bags out there?

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      Before considering the type of boxing bag you use, it’s important that you first check the space you have available. According to PunchEquipment.com, you can get a hanging boxing bag if you have some wall and ceiling space. Given enough space, installing this to your ceiling hook or wall bracket should be no problem. An advantage of a hanging boxing bag is that it allows you to make powerful strikes and the overall training atmosphere is much just like that of a real fight. But again, this type will require more effort on installation. If you’re more on convenience and ease in moving around your standing bag, then you can get a standing model.

      Hanging boxing bags are in general, durable and can be a more space-friendly option if your training area has just the right dimensions and features (wall and ceiling space). But if your place doesn’t have the structure for a hanging boxing bag, you can opt for a free-standing bag that instead will require the right floor space.

      There are other types of boxing bags like the teardrop bag boxing bag and the wall boxing bag. Punch Equipment gives more info about these.

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