How can I update XP to Windows 10?

I know that microsoft has ended to support windows XP. Now I want to update my windows. I come to  know that windows 10 is the latest verson. Now I want to update my windows. But I don’t know how to update?
Can anyone help to update? I want to know-
How can I update XP to Windows 10?

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Hi Michelle,
Thanks for your questions. Now I’m trying to tell you how to update windows 10 from windows xp
If you decide it is worth splashing out for Windows 10, it may windows Home or Pro, you’ll have the option of physical disc or  digital download. You will get physical disc in the market .
It’s unclear whether you will be able to run the downloaded version from within XP but even if this is an option, it will erase everything on your PC’s hard drive before installing Windows 10.

So, before you begin the upgrade you will need to copy everything you want to keep to an another external hard drive, USB thumb drive or a cloud storage service such as Google Drive or Dropbox or OneDrive.

Also, find your software installation discs and license keys. If you have misplaced the keys, use a free program such as Magical Jellybean Keyfinder to search the Windows registry for these codes, and then write them down.

If you keep your email inbox or any archives, be sure to back these up as well, and export internet bookmarks and other settings that you want to keep.

Then you begin the actual installation of Windows 10. There’s no guarantee that  all your programs will be compatible with the new version of Windows, nor your old peripherals – specifically printers and scanners – so it’s worth checking online to see if there’s any information about their compatibility with Windows 10. If a Windows 7 driver exists for your particular model, it should work in Windows 10.

How to upgrade to Windows 10 from XP or Vista for free
Microsoft has said in a blog post that everyone testing Windows 10 on the Insider program will get to keep on using Windows 10 after the 29 July launch date since the program isn’t stopping. This means you can sign up to be an Insider before 29 July, install the preview and get upgraded to the final version (and subsequent preview versions) without paying a penny.

This will be good news for some, but bear in mind that you’ll be using what is essentially beta software again when the next preview build is installed after the launch version of Windows 10.

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