how can one deal with insomnia?

What are the ways to deal with Insomnia?

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    You may need medication to help you sleep.i take trazidone.i have suffered from insomnia since i was a kid.its a horrible illness to have.also you can try some sort of meditation to help you relax.i like to put pleasant stories together in my my head whole im lying down and trying to sleep.just think of something peaceful and relaxing.if that doesnt help then see a doctor or psychiatrist to get baths with candle light relaxes me also.

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      If you have trouble with insomnia, here are some of the tips

      1. If you’re wide awake, get up.

      2.  If you watch TV, wear sunglasses.

      3. Don’t eat.

      4. Don’t sleep late the next morning.

      5. If you get up, keep lights dim.

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        I always recommend visiting professionals at first. But if they don’t give you enough then I’ll advise you to try out a CBD oil. it’s really helpful for people who suffer from insomnia. And there is no tension about financial issues because that’s an affordable way. No harm in trying, after all.

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