How can we increase Youtube viewers???

I am looking for ways by which I can increase my views on Youtube? Suggestions are welcome.

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Many people have this kind of question “How to increase Youtube viewers?”
To increase your video views, just follow these steps below:

    1. Reacharch your keyboard. Try to create that kind of video which people are looking for.
    2. Fast create high quality video.
    3. Write your video description in English (Minimum 150 words) and used your video title on the description’s first line.
    4. Use the hashtag (#) on your video description’s main keyword.
    5. Share your video all your social media profile like – Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Instagram, blog, website, IMO, Viber, email as much as you can.
    6. upload a video regularly. I mean maintain regularity on YouTube.


In addition:

    1. You can submit your video like this on .
    2. You can also submit your video on a Question Answer website in this technique.

If you can follow this is tips then of course your video channel will be there soon.


Brong Answered on March 17, 2019.
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Hey, Follow these simple tips to increase your viewers.

  • Create custom thumbnails. It is important because it forces the viewers to click on your viewers. You can use Canva for Custom Thumbnail
  • Add appropriate video title , description and keywords. It is part of the YouTube SEO. Youtube SEO helps in ranking your videos in the first page of YouTube search engine page. once your video is ranked you start getting lot of viewers.You can use Tubebuddy for Youtube SEO
  • Use of Hashtags. Hashtags are important to make your content visible. Use hashtagify to generate Hashtags
  • Promote your content on Social Media Platforms Like Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr.
  • Join group and communities to share your content
  • Embed your video in Q&A Sites like Reddit
  • Outreach to different bloggers and ask them to include your video in their relevant post.
  • Run Giveaway Contest
  • Buy Youtube Viewers from which can be converted into the subscribers if your content is Top-notch. This the fastest way to increase viewers.
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Ask more popular bloggers to advertise you

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Youtube has been in existence since 2005. Last 15 years it has seen a phenominol growth. It is now the defacto platform for watching videos. Not only google but the content creators were an important part of this growth. When youtube video creators started making tons of money is when a large group of people started realizing the potential to make money out of this platform. Youtube wanted good content to grow and content creators gave what it wanted.

Then came the explosion of video creators. Not only did the number of youtube video creator grow, the number of videos churning out grew exponentionally as well. Currently as I write the statistics stands at:

Total Number of Monthly Active YouTube Users: 1 Billion

Number of Videos Watched Per Day: 1 Billion

Average Mobile Viewing Session: 40 minutes

Hours of Videos uploaded per minute: 500

Due to the explosion of new videos created per day, time and again the smalltime youtubers find themselves burried under tons of video with absolutely no views at all. It is heartening to see smalltime youtubers suffer as everyone is trying to grab the attention of the viewers community. This is where the big time youtubers enjoy thier clout to push their video up the list and bury the rest, with their money, promotional spends etc.

Smalltime youtuber have different social channels to choose from, facebook, twitter, instagram. But these channel have become a dumpyard and more or less the youtubers get banned due to excessive promotion. This is where platforms like helps promote smalltime youtuber get youtube viewsThese platforms help get the right kind of attention that is required for the youtubers.

Here is a comprehensive video that compares various social channel for youtube promotion.

Hope this helps this community.

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