How do I buy perfect laptop Computer for me?

I want to buy a laptop computer for my personal use but I don’t know which one will be better for me. Will you please suggest me?

How do I buy the perfect Computer for me?


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    Yes sure. To buy a laptop you just first need to decide the points discussed below. According to your needs you may then search for one. And then can buy the one which best suits to you. The reason, if you will not be specific to the purpose and requirements, you maybe then confused. Let’s now have an outlook on those points:

    1- Purpose of Laptop: You are a student, programmer, household, graphic designer, video editor, business executive or any other profile holder. There are different different laptop models has designed for different different purposes. So a clarification on your purpose will help it easy.

    2- Requirements of Functioning: If you are a technical professional, you will be required to have a laptop with high RAM, storage, latest CPU and other more but if you are a normal user as discussed above, you may buy any other.

    3- Budget: There are lots of range for laptop. Being a student, household or business executive you may go for laptops under 30,000. But as discussed, if you are an IT professional you will be required to spent more amount of money or higher of budget would be required.

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